[Solved] WI-FI Connection Not Allowed – Android

by | Jun 4, 2019 | How To, Computer | 7 comments

Recently I had an unfortunate, life altering, first world problem. My LG Android phone refused to connect to the internet. In fact, it told ME that a wi-fi connection was not allowed. Not allowed? Who says? That’s funny, because I’ve had this phone about 2 years now and it’s been connected just fine. Then I had other issues. I couldn’t save screen shots. The phone would not allow me! And when I restarted the phone, it would clear the home page settings I had set up and would take forever to reboot.

Factory reset was NOT something I was ready to do because I needed to backup my data and without the wi-fi working properly, it was going to prove near impossible. So I started on my quest to fix this issue. After watching several youtube videos and reading several android forums where the same issue was brought to the forefront, I still couldn’t find and answer that fixed my problem.

Factory Reset didn’t seem to work for those who tried it anyhow. So I said, screw that. I played around with my network settings and resetting those and that didn’t help either. I tried using developer tools and playing around with that nonsense, no luck.

So I just about gave up and decided I should transfer my data from my android cell phone to my mac. Factory reset it was and if that didn’t work, well new phone I suppose. So, after installing the official Android File Transfer program on my computer, I set out to investigate. As I was going thru the data and copying it over to my computer, I decided to delete the majority of what I copied so I could clear up space on my phone. Maybe that would work?

Low and behold, clearing up data space made everything work again. 

So if you happened to be like me and had tried all the forums and videos you could find and nothing worked…well just do what I did. Install the Android File Transfer program and connect it to your computer. Half those apps from the app store that claim to ‘clear up space’ can’t always do as good a job as you can manually. Start deleting none-sense apps, videos, images, audio, etc. Copy it over or just delete for good. Pretty soon you’ll notice your phone start to act normal again. I had to clear about 4GB to achieve this. You might need more or less. Not sure. But it’s worth a shot at least.

One last thing, try installing Wi-Fi Utility if you don’t already have it. Set it to ‘Maximize Wi-Fi Management’.

If that doesn’t work for you, here are the forums and videos I watched that might have been helpful if perhaps my issue was associated with that.


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