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I’m Heather, a professional WordPress Web Designer & Developer. I’m known for making some pretty cool websites on the web. I’ve spent the last 10 years becoming proficient in WordPress security, custom databases, SEO and marketing.

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“Heather said at the beginning that I couldn’t have chose a better web designer and she was right! Her passion is website design. She takes you through all the steps and gives you the highest quality service. And you get the best website you could ever dream of.” – Bennett Ross, Cosmic Surge

Expert in assisting business growth by transforming web design and architecture to be more conversion friendly

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freelance web designer, developer & business major

If you have a WordPress question, I generally have the answer. If I don’t, I’ll sure as heck find out or pass you over to someone who knows. I have a degree in software development and am currently enrolled to receive my bachelors in Business of IT Management. I’ve owned and managed this web design business for over 8 years successfully competing and also working along side with local web design firms. View my web design prices or contact me.

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You’re website is not just a website, it’s a digital foundation for your online business and I will act as your personal architect. Helping to bring your dreams, into reality. Together we will take your business plans and paint it on the web.


Designing and developing websites is my passion. A good designer is easy to find, a great business partner is a tad more rare. I am well versed in internet marketing, conversion optimization, speed optimization, website security, search engine optimization, web applications, phone applications and more. Hire me for private training & workshops


Next to being a famous writer, I already live my dream job. I wake up and do what I love for a living, everyday. Because of this, I have had the benefit of teaching other up and coming web developers how to run a web design business. I pay it forward by providing free useful articles and videos to the web. I’m fortunate to work amongst the leaders of the web community. Read my articles >



Latest Client Reviews

Heather at Ravenous Raven Design was a huge help to me in designing my website and building my business. It was time to upgrade the website for my wedding planning business and I carefully researched how to proceed. Not being very tech savvy myself I needed someone to take over the process and bring me along with her. I am so appreciative of Heather’s patience and video tutorials. It was easy to communicate with her and she responded to me within an hour when I had requests. She helped navigate my existing relationships with vendors and taught me how to better communicate with photographers sending me wedding photos for my website. Heather is creative and helped create a new logo and sales materials for me as well. The investment paid off for me immediately, a few weeks after my new site went live I had a client tell me he chose to call me first because “the attention to detail on my website was great” and he knew I would be the same in planning his daughter’s wedding and he booked me to plan the wedding! I have seen a general increase in inquiry calls with my new site. Her follow through is amazing. A month after site was done I was struggling with my blog posts. Heather immediately sent me one of her video tutorials to watch and I posted my myself today! I highly recommend Heather at Ravenous Raven Design to any business owner.

Hayley Burgin

Owner, Haylo Events



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