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Empower your team with 12 years of knowledge in under four hours.

Boost your website’s leads and sales while saving thousands by training your staff in internet marketing.

Heather Valencia

Owner & Business Manager

Award winning web design firm celebrated for its quality. Famous for my integrity and honesty, I’ve established myself as a reliable WordPress consultant. Expertise in web design & development, SEO, competitive data analysis, and project management.

What’s Included?

Equip your team with a decade’s worth of expertise in just under four hours.

Enhance your website’s lead generation and sales while saving substantial amounts through in-house internet marketing training for your staff.

My comprehensive training offerings include:

  • SEO Mastery
  • Web Design Essentials
  • WordPress Proficiency
  • Web Development Techniques
  • Conversion & Sales Funnel Strategy
  • Digital Advertising (Google, Facebook)
  • Social Media Marketing Tactics
  • Website Speed Optimization
  • Tailored training based on your specific needs

Training sessions can be conducted onsite at your location, or I can develop bespoke video tutorials for ongoing access and reference.

Private or Public

I provide technical training for one individual or a room full of office staff.

Remote or in Person

I provide training remotely via zoom or in person at your business location.

Live or Screen Recorded

I provide live training or pre-recorded training via custom videos.

Local training internet expert

Ah, this snapshot takes me back to one of my grand debuts on the public speaking circuit. I was battling butterflies in my stomach. But, I pushed through and I stumbled through valiantly.

Local training expert

Here you’ll witness me delivering wisdom at the Haase seminar for massage business schools and education. Clearly, I need more rounds in the ring, so why not give me a call and give me change to discuss your needs? 

Robert H.

Owner, Haase Seminars

You are bright and do excellent work, Heather, and I think you could be a great fit for Teran and her team.

Bret D.

IT Director, World Wide Group LLC

You came highly recommended from Dave Jones. You have an incredible understanding of WordPress and the ability to clearly communicate. Yes, I would absolutely recommend your service to others.

Micheal P.


I was another vendor at the Haase Seminar in Spokane and I wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed your presentation.

Image of heather valencia

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Training sessions begin at $2,500 for up to two hours of instruction.

  • Choose between private or group sessions
  • Opt for remote or in-person training
  • Select live instruction or pre-recorded sessions

Let’s discuss the specific learning objectives for your business.

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