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What Is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization is the development of high quality web pages that will compete in search engines like Google and Bing too boost your visibility among your competitors.

Conversion Focused

Website Design/Redesign focused on getting more leads from visitors.

Performance Focused

Web pages modified for optimal speed performance, in favor of Google.

Audience Focused

SEO Stratagies focusing on your target audiences and competition.

Increase Visibility

Local SEO

If you are a local business and need to compete for keywords in search engines, you’ll want to invest in this service to help bring visibility to your services.

Starting at $200/mo

As seen in the photo: This is a search for “Spokane Web Designers“. Only 3 results display out of the many that reside in Spokane. Displaying in the top 3 is ideal because it gets you the most visibility and the click rate to your website much higher.

Image of search results in google for the keyword "spokane web designers"

What Is Local SEO?

Seo optimization - local seo results

Search Engine Results Page

When you enter a search term into a search engine, you are shown the SERP. The SERPs (search engine results page) is comprised of Ad’s, Local Listings and Organic results.

Ad’s/Advertising: Paid instant promotion of a business.

Local Listings: Like a phone book of local businesses. A listing does not require a website.

Organic Results: A list of websites and thier relavant pages to your search query.

Local listings will provide a map of the providers. However this is not equivelent to maps results. 

Maps are intended to guide someone on a journey and will often include gas stations, restaurants and hotels. User’s opening maps usual come from mobile devices and are ‘discovering’ a wide area. 

Local listings return results within a small geographic area. These users usually have specic intent in thier search terms. For example: ‘web designers in spokane‘ or ‘web designer near me‘.

Seo optimization - local seo listing

Local Listing Profile

A local listing profile provides a quick summary of information for a user to help them make a descision without having to access a website. In fact, you do not have to have a website in order to have a listing.

Local listings can include

  • Location
  • Business Hours
  • Address
  • Phone Number
  • Business Reviews
  • Website Addresss
  • Images and logos of the business

This is very similar to a phone book. The intent is to provider the search user local business results within a 2 hour driving radius.

Of the approximately 40,000 Google searches made around the globe every second, data reveals that 46% of these queries have local intent. This equates to a huge number of people seeking information in their local area every single day. – Bright Local

What Is Provided In Local SEO Services?

Listings Submission

Local SEO strategies are focused on creating and optimizing your presence in multiple online directories such as Google Business, Bing Businsess, Alexa,  and more that might apply to your business.

GMB Management

As your listing manager I will develop and optimize your Google Business listing, provide regular monitoring, active posting and apply review managment.

Reviews Management

Did you know about 25% of what Google ranks a business for is reviews? Failing to respond to all reviews or respond in a unprofessional manner may impede the growth of your rankings.

Slow Website?

Website Speed Optimization

Website speed plays a major factor in your website ranking in Google search results. Your website, primary service pages and home page should pass Google page speed insights.

Starting at $1,500

As seen in the photo: In the image you will see the results for the home page of my website. Overall the home page speed is great on desktop view. To test your own website use this website speed test.

Image of website speed results of the website for ravenous raven design

Website Speed Audit

I analyze your website speed using many off-site and on-site tools while also auditing your website theme and use of plugins. 

Web Hosting Audit

This is where I anylize your website’s hosting enviroment, website files, and server settings to get an overview of what needs to be modified.

Speed Increase

This is where I implement the improved speed methods I can do within the confines of your environment. You will be provided a before and after speed result.

Affordable SEO

Website SEO Improvements

Is your website having difficulty ranking in Google for the keywords you type in?

Improve website SEO with this al-la-cart service for those seeking an alternative to the hefty cost of long term contracted SEO Services. Together we will determine which pages on your website need to be optimized or added to help you increase visibility to your website.

Starting at $1,000/per page

Image of web results for a search in google of oversized american flags

Full Website Audit

I go thru your website with a fine toothed comb to determine where your strong areas are located and your weak areas. I also analyze the past google traffic.

Competition Audit

Knowing who and why your competition ranks higher than you do for the keywords you want to be found for is very important if we want to start outranking them. 

SEO Implementation

After a full SEO audit I will develop the pages, products, and services to be optimized for your targeted keywords and audience. 

SEO Pricing Packages

Improve Website Visibility & Traffic with Full Service SEO

Full service SEO includes website speed optimization, page optimizations, listings managment and more. The starting prices you see are typical starting prices. SEO prices and packages can vary greatly depending on each business, its online presence and target service area.


The Process of SEO

Using this farming metaphor I try to explain what is SEO and how it works in laymans terms. A website optimized for SEO will have much better visibility in search engines like Google & Bing.

1. Sow Your Seed

Website Development & Design

Just like with seeds, we need to lay a foundation for your business online. Thats the development, design and architecture of your website.

This is the most imporant part of an SEO friendly website because we want to make sure our websites have been developed from the ground up with SEO in mind for the future growth of your business.

Your website should be attractive, conversion friendly, and ready to enage the people we bring in from SEO strategies.

2. Maintain The Garden

Website Maintenance & Management

After your website builder has launched your online business, you’ll need to invest in managment and maintenance of your website.

This service keeps your website up to date at all times and free of malicious code so that you won’t get flagged for having malcious or unsafe content.

Having someone regularly maintaine your website ensures that you have someone to fix it in the event of corruption. 

3. Reap What You Sow

Search Engine Optimization

Once your site is built and being maintained, you’ll want to invest in marketing and SEO services.

When we make a website it does not get visitors right away. SEO techniques by an expert can help give us a boost in visibility with Google and other search engines.

Having a contract with an SEO expert will help you rank faster in a situation where your compeition is saturating the first page of Google search results. 

Website Redesign

Increase Visitor Conversions

The purpose of SEO is to attract visitors to your website. Now imagine we do all that work just for them to see a website thats out of date, not mobile friendly and just plain….ugly? Studies show, a high percentage of them will leave.

Get the most from your SEO service by making certain that your website is making the best impression possible for all those visitors. SEO conversion rate strategies are imperitive to guiding our visitors to buy a product or contact us.

You wouldn’t go on a date wearing your pajamas and unkept hair.

Seo optimization - angler fish

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Featured Client Reviews

My priorities are to make sure my clients are heard and provide them with prompt and friendly service. I am a trusted and honest web designer and SEO expert.

Heather said at the beginning that I couldn’t have chose a better web designer and she was right! Her passion is website design. She takes you through all the steps and gives you the highest quality service. And you get the best website you could ever dream of. – Bennett Ross, Cosmic Surge


Cosmic Surge

The site is being SO well received. We’ve doubled in sales, and mostly there are months where we’re experiencing RECORD sales….thanks to you!


Freshbite Spokane

We had Heather create a website for our indoor trampoline park. Her creativity and service was top notch. She took extra time to explain things and never seemed put off by questions we asked. We highly recommend Heather.

LZ Trampoline

Seo optimization - pro msi logo colorweb design c
Seo optimization - freshbitelogowhitetopweb design cweb design 2
Seo optimization - cinderwhiteweb design c
Seo optimization - asset 1@1. 5xweb design c
Seo optimization - 400web design c

Learn To SEO

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is your SEO guarantee?

An “SEO with placement guarantee” or “SEO money back guarantee” should be considered with great caution.

When you hire an SEO, you are hiring an individual to perform labor and data analytical research on behalf of your website.

My SEO services are not Guaranteed. Feel free to ask me for my success rate and case studies.

Be weary of a business that provide an SEO guarantee. We do not have any control over Google and how businesses are ranked amonst others.

What is an SEO? 

An SEO should be approached like any Stock Investor or Professional Gambler.

Your money is used in the best interest of your ROI.

However, the money you decide to put into SEO services should be money you are not afraid to lose in the event that the SEO cannot perform the results neccessary for your website’s success.

The money you pay to an SEO is for a service, but that service is not guaranteed to give you positive results. Nor does it guarantee that you won’t experience negative results. 

Q: How long does it take for SEO to work?

SEO is a process best compared to a slow burn.

It can take anywhere from 3-12 months before you might start reaping the benefits of your seo services by increased keyword rankings and visilibity improvements.

Most full service SEO package contracts can range from 3 months to 2 years. 

Q: What is full service SEO?

Basic and full service SEO services will vary from every different developer and web design firm. This is because SEO is a very broad field with many different kinds of tasks involved.

Full service SEO will help your website compete in search engines. 

The SEO services I provide include:

  • Local SEO
  • Website SEO Improvements (individual pages)
  • Speed Optimization
  • Full service SEO (contracted SEO usually includes all of the above)

What is included with basic SEO friendly web design & development?

When you have a website developed and designed, making sure you have a solid starting foundation of SEO is very important. 

  • XML sitemap creation
  • Website Sitemap Submission to Google & Bing
  • Setup of Google Analytics and Google Console
  • Setup of custom or defaulted titles and meta descriptions for previews in Google search results
  • Installation of SEO plugins for your personal use and customization

This type of basic SEO service is meant to setup your website to be crawled and monitored.

This is not the SEO service that would help you compete in search engines for keywords amongst your competition.

If you are interested in building an SEO friendly website, you can find my web design prices here.

Q: Why do keyword rankings and website rankings change? ?

Google changes their algorithms on a daily/weekly/monthly basis constantly changing and modifying the search results. Which can result in websites that could rank extremely well for many keywords for years and one day suddenly drop completely off the map. 

Your ranking might change because other competition come into market. They could also be implementing thier own SEO or neglecting SEO services. 

Your ranking can change by neglecting SEO, adding SEO, deleting pages, modifiying URLs, deleting pictures, making webiste changes, and so much more. 

All of this and more plays into your own website ranking. 

Q: How to check SEO ranking?

Ubersuggest provides multiple powerful seo tools for checking the off-site and on-site SEO ranking and value of your website pages and keyword ranking amongst your competition.

RankMath is another great free seo tool and WordPress plugin that will check SEO rankings on-site and provide dashboard analytics and emailed reports.

Q: What is local seo?

Local SEO is the focus of providing results to local users. For example: when someone might type “SEO consulting near me” (“keyword + near me”) in Google, the results will be those brick and mortar businesses and service providers that are actually “near you”. 

Q: How to Increase SEO Ranking?

Spy on your competitors with SEO tools like SpyFu and good old fashioned web surfing. Knowing the technical data of your competitions’ website can guide you on were to improve your own.

However, in addition to that, the best way you can compete in search engine rankings is to always do something different that makes you stand out in your field.

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