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Freelance web designer in Spokane with 10+ Year expert experience. A.A. in Software Development and B.A.S in Business.

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COVID’s Impact on Web Design

Even before the pandemic hit, our digital lives were advancing. In 2020, the time we spend online is at an all-time high. With fast-changing technology in an age of social distancing, the Internet’s usage is about more than just Google calendars and zoom meetings. It...

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How to bulk edit images for seo improvement

How To Bulk Edit Images for SEO Improvement

Proper naming conventions for the extension of your images has the ability to improve your SEO on your website. This tells google and search engines what the image actually is (auto-body-paint-job.jpg) versus the generic naming convention that your camera might apply...

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Stop! These 8 disastrous website design mistakes

STOP! These 8 Disastrous Website Design Mistakes

1. Interactive Sliders Sliders have been proven to engage very little activity from visitors. They are also a very annoying feature. Have you ever seen a slider on an eCommerce website and saw a deal you wanted to click and missed it? So, if you were lucky, there were...

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[solved] wi-fi connection not allowed – android

[Solved] WI-FI Connection Not Allowed – Android

Recently I had an unfortunate, life altering, first world problem. My LG Android phone refused to connect to the internet. In fact, it told ME that a wi-fi connection was not allowed. Not allowed? Who says? That's funny, because I've had this phone about 2 years now...

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2018 – seo tips and tactics list

2018 – SEO Tips and Tactics List

Often I get calls about doing a website for a small business and the number one question on the potential clients mind is always, SEO. They want to know what SEO is and how I implement SEO into the website I am to build for them. Although I do follow an SEO guideline...

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Heather Valencia

Freelance web designer girl in spokane,wa

Heather is a freelance web designer from Spokane, WA who offers powerful and affordable web design for your business needs.

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