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Next to being a famous writer, I already live my dream job. I wake up and do what I love for a living, everyday. Because of this, I have had the benefit of teaching other up and coming web developers how to run a web design business. I pay it forward by providing free useful articles and videos to the web. I’m fortunate to work amongst the leaders of the web community

2018 – SEO Tips and Tactics List

Often I get calls about doing a website for a small business and the number one question on the potential clients mind is always, SEO. They want to know what SEO is and how I implement SEO into the website I am to build for them. Although I do follow an SEO guideline...

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How To Bulk Optimize Video for Website Backgrounds

The Best Video Compressor and Converter My favorite place to optimize videos for website background use would have to be Converter Point. It's an online tool that doesn't require that you sign up to use it.  You don't have to download some special program. Just upload...

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7 Steps to eCommerce Credit Card Processing

I often try my best to explain how credit card processing works with e-commerce websites to my clients. So I went ahead and had a very colorful and easy to follow infographic created to help the world in better understanding how credit card processing works. I have...

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Speed Up Your WordPress Website Without Plugins

Let's speed up and optimize your wordpress website right now. This is more for advanced users who are comfortable with modifying the .htaccess file, php.ini file and wp-config. Remember, always back up your website before making any drastic changes like this. Step 1:...

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Why WordPress is the Best CMS Platform for SEO?

Wordpress Has Come a Long Way Since 2003 When Wordpress first came on the scene back in 2003 it was primarily used as a blogging platform. Since that time it has grown to become the predominant content management system online making up approximately 28.8% of all of...

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How to Use SSL Properly and Avoid the Yellow Lock Symbol

I'm sure you may have at one point seen this error in a browser window? Your connection to "your website" is encrypted with 128-bit encryption. However, this page includes other resources which are not secure. These resources can be viewed by others while in transit,...

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The Ultimate Guide to Moving A WordPress Website

This post is primarily for my use as I'm finding that I've had to move WordPress websites on many occasions. Weather it be moving a WordPress website from a localhost to a server online or just moving WordPress from a sub directory to the root. I've taken the time...

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