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Throughout the years, I’ve penned countless articles on web design, web hosting, WordPress, website security, and beyond. They’re aimed at fellow web developers and some clients as well. A few were crafted purely as reminders to myself on what not to forget – haha!

Completely remove programs from a mac

Completely Remove Programs from a Mac

Like many of you, I frequently experiment with new apps from the App Store and various third-party developers. It's an exciting way to find helpful tools, but sometimes an app doesn't meet my expectations. I prefer keeping my Mac tidy, so I've learned how to manually...

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Puerto rican coquito recipe

Puerto Rican Coquito Recipe

As a web designer and developer, my mornings are often defined by a routine that balances the tranquility of solitude with the anticipation of creative challenges. Nestled in the quiet before embarking on a day filled with client tasks, I savor a comforting cup of...

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