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I went years without using instagram for social media and then one day I was forced to use it and interact for the sake of a 3rd business I created. I started learning a lot about instagram algorithms and posting and utilizing instagram as a business tool. I am a huge fan of instagram now and I can see why the younger generation of kids don’t use facebook any longer. It’s very intuitive and leans toward positive content more so than not. As I have experienced myself. It’s a great platform for advertising and gaining followers whereas content on facebook has an extremely low visibility rate.

I had to spend the next few months reading Instagram’s blogs on best practices to follow to help get your page and posts ranked. Here is what I’ve learned.

How Instagram Recommendations Work: We look at a number of signals to personalize recommendations, such as how many and how quickly other people are liking, commenting, sharing and saving a post; a person’s interaction history with the person who posted; other posts a person has liked or commented on; etcetera. We also give people a lot of different controls over what they see on Instagram, including the ability to tell us if they’re not interested in something or have a different comfort level with more sensitive content. This all works together to power our recommendation system and help us get your content or account in front of the people who are most likely to join your community or become your next biggest fans.

-Instagram, How Instagram Recommendations Work

1. How To Rank Posts on Instagram

Instagram’s algorithm determines the visibility of your posts based on several key signals. Understanding these can help you improve your content ranking and engagement. Here’s a detailed breakdown of what matters most:

Ranking for Feed and Stories

Some signals that are considered by Instagram in order to rank your posts and stories include the following:

  1. Based on Information about the post:
    • Popularity (likes, comments)
    • Content details (time posted, video length, location)
  2. Information about the poster:
    • Interaction frequency with you
  3. Based on Your activity:
    • Posts you’ve liked
  4. Your Interaction history with the poster:
    • Comments and engagements

Ranking On The Explore Page

Ranking on the explore page which is in a sense the search page is determined by the following information according to Instagram.

  1. Is by post popularity:
    • Likes, comments, shares, saves
  2. Is based on your activity:
    • Liked, saved, or commented posts
  3. Interaction history with the poster is considered

Ranking Your Reels

Reels are super popular and ranking for a real can get confusing sometimes. What works and what doesn’t? Here are some signals that Instagram keeps in mind.

  1. Your activity:
    • Reels liked, commented, or engaged with
  2. Interaction history with the poster
  3. Reel information:
    • Audio track, video details, popularity
  4. Poster information:
    • Interaction frequency with others

For more details, visit Instagram Blog.

2. Best Times to Post on Instagram

Posting at optimal times can significantly impact your post’s visibility and engagement. Here are the best times to post for various popular categories:

  1. General Best Times:
    • Weekdays: 10 AM to 3 PM.
    • Peak Engagement: Wednesday and Friday around 11 AM.
  2. Categories:
    • Food and Beverage: 12 PM to 1 PM (Lunch Hours).
    • Travel and Leisure: 9 AM to 11 AM.
    • Health and Fitness: Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 9 AM.
    • Retail: 11 AM to 1 PM on weekdays.
    • Tech: Tuesday at 9 AM or 10 AM.
    • Non-Profit: Tuesday to Thursday at 2 PM or 3 PM.
    • Games, Board Games, and Card Games: Wednesday and Thursday from 8 PM to 10 PM.
    • Trading Card Games (TCG): Tuesday and Thursday from 7 PM to 9 PM.

By posting at these times and leveraging the key ranking signals, you can enhance your Instagram presence and reach a broader audience. For more insights, visit Instagram Blog.

3. Are there certain hashtags that can lower my visibility?

Yes, using certain hashtags can lower your visibility on Instagram. These include:

  1. Banned Hashtags: Hashtags that Instagram has banned due to inappropriate content or spam. Using these can shadowban your posts.
  2. Overused Hashtags: Generic hashtags with millions of posts (e.g., #love, #instagood). Your content may get lost in the crowd.
  3. Irrelevant Hashtags: Tags that don’t match your content can make your post appear spammy and reduce engagement.

To maintain visibility, use relevant, specific, and trending hashtags related to your content. Regularly check for banned hashtags to avoid them.

To check if a hashtag is banned on Instagram:

  1. Search the Hashtag: Use Instagram’s search bar to look up the hashtag. If it’s banned, you’ll see a message indicating limited posts.
  2. Check Engagement: Banned hashtags show very few recent posts despite high usage numbers.
  3. Online Lists: Websites regularly update lists of banned hashtags.

For a quick check, you can search for lists of banned hashtags or use tools designed for this purpose. Always ensure your hashtags are relevant and appropriate.

4. Visibility Tips for Going Live on Instagram

Going live on instagram should also be considered part of your social media strategy as followers and users love to interact with you in real time and in real life. It can be very exciting for some people to join in on the fun. Here are some tips to know to make the best use of going live on instagram.

  1. Announce in Advance:
    • Inform your followers about your live session beforehand using posts and stories to build anticipation.
  2. Best Times to Go Live:
    • Optimal times vary, but generally, evenings and weekends are good. Aim for when your audience is most active.
  3. Engage with Viewers:
    • Interact with your audience by responding to comments and questions in real-time.
  4. Ideal Length:
    • Aim for 15-60 minutes. This duration keeps viewers engaged without being too long.
  5. Content Quality:
    • Use a stable internet connection, good lighting, and clear audio to ensure a high-quality broadcast.
  6. Collaborate:
    • Go live with other users to reach a broader audience.

Instagram Live sessions typically reach your existing followers, but engaging content and effective promotion can attract new viewers as well.

5. Instagram Eligibility Tips for Creators

An Instagram recommendation is content suggested to users based on their activity and interactions on the platform. These recommendations appear in places like the Explore page, Reels, and your main feed. Instagram uses algorithms to analyze factors such as the types of posts you engage with, accounts you follow, and your overall activity to suggest content that you might find interesting. The goal is to enhance user experience by providing relevant and engaging content tailored to individual preferences. For more details, visit the Instagram Creators Blog.

To maximize your content visibility on Instagram, follow these key tips for eligibility:

  1. Follow Community Guidelines: Ensure all content adheres to Instagram’s rules.
  2. Post Original Content: Avoid reposting from others without significant changes or additions.
  3. Avoid Misleading Information: Share accurate and reliable content.
  4. Use High-Quality Media: Ensure your photos and videos are clear and engaging.
  5. Stay Active: Regularly interact with your followers and post frequently.
  6. Maintain a Professional Profile: Complete your bio and use a clear profile picture.

For more details, visit the Instagram Creators Blog.

6. Top Instagram Hashtag Generators

Boosting your Instagram reach is easier with the right hashtags. Here are some of the best hashtag generators to help you find the perfect tags for your posts.

  1. Inflact:
  2. All Hashtag:
    • Generates top, random, and live hashtags
    • Provides hashtag analytics
    • Simple and intuitive to use
  3. RiteTag:
    • Offers real-time hashtag suggestions based on images and text
    • Provides engagement analytics to track performance
  4. Hashtagify:
    • Tracks hashtag popularity and trends
    • Features influencer search and detailed analytics
  5. TagBlender:
    • Generates popular hashtags across various categories
    • Easy to navigate and use
  6. Seekmetrics:
    • Suggests hashtags based on your input keywords
    • Includes additional Instagram tools like profile analysis
  7. Display Purposes:
    • Suggests relevant and high-quality hashtags
    • Filters out banned or spammy tags to ensure safe usage
  8. Keyhole:
    • Real-time hashtag tracking and analytics
    • Provides performance insights for better hashtag strategy

Using these tools, you can find the best hashtags to enhance your Instagram engagement and visibility. Happy posting!

7. Software for Instagram Scheduling

An Instagram scheduler is a tool that helps you plan, create, and schedule your posts in advance. It allows you to organize your content, ensuring a consistent posting schedule. Features typically include:

  1. Content Calendar: Visual planner to see all scheduled posts.
  2. Auto-posting: Automatically posts content at your chosen times.
  3. Analytics: Insights into post performance and engagement.
  4. Hashtag Suggestions: Recommends relevant hashtags.
  5. Multi-Account Management: Handles multiple Instagram accounts from one dashboard.

Top 8 Instagram Schedulers

If you need some help scheduling and analysing the data with your instagram account and analysing competitors, here a few online providers to help you out.

  1. Buffer:
    • User-friendly interface
    • Comprehensive analytics
    • Multi-platform support
  2. Hootsuite:
    • Detailed analytics
    • Team collaboration features
    • Content calendar
  3. Later:
    • Visual content calendar
    • Drag-and-drop scheduling
    • Hashtag suggestions
  4. Sprout Social:
    • Advanced analytics
    • Smart inbox
    • Post-scheduling across multiple networks
  5. Planoly:
    • Visual planner
    • Drag-and-drop feature
    • Shoppable Instagram galleries
  6. Tailwind:
    • Focus on Instagram and Pinterest
    • SmartSchedule feature
    • Hashtag Finder
  7. CoSchedule:
    • Comprehensive marketing calendar
    • Integration with various platforms
    • Real-time collaboration tools
  8. SocialBee:
    • Content categorization
    • RSS feed integration
    • Customizable scheduling

These tools offer various features to help you manage and optimize your Instagram posting strategy efficiently.

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