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When it comes to website building, the most conveniently used platform in this regard is WordPress. WordPress is known as a constant management system (CMS) that enables a person to build websites as well as host them. A constant management system is known as computer software that is used to manage and oversee the creation and modification of digital content. In this regard, WordPress is used for blogs, e-commerce platforms, professional businesses, etc. The object of this article is to review a web hosting engine known as

Rocket.Net – Worlds Fastest WordPress Hosting is a web hosting engine that was established in 2020. The purpose of this platform is to accelerate, protect, and deliver WordPress as close as possible to visitors around the world (“About Us”) In addition, it is the world’s first WordPress hosting platform that is fully integrated with Cloudfare Enterprise. This is very convenient, is the fastest WordPress hosting engine.

Edge Cloudflare Enterprise CDN is Included!

Edge Cloudflare Enterprise CDN is a high end security and optimization feature that would normally cost $6,000 a month to use.

You want EDGE Cloudflare Enterprise CDN because 
  • Offers multiple towers for providing data to air staff at faster rates
  • Offers high end enterprise security that normally cost 6,000/mo
  • Offers high end image compression
  • Cloudflare SSL
  • Always-on Enterprise WAF and real-time Malware Scanning

Plugins you will no longer need with WordPress hosting provides EDGE Cloudflare Enterprise CDN at no extra cost! That means you get enterprise level security and optimization for every website you host there. This brings down plugin bloat and eliminates the need for many unnecessary plugins because all of this is handled thru the server and CDN.

  • Image Optimization Plugins
  • Security Plugins
  • Activity History Plugins
  • Lazy Loading Image Plugins
  • JetPack
  • WP Rocket
  • AutoOptimize
  • Backup Plugins
  • WMPU Dev
  • Google Font Optimizers
  • Analytics Optimizers

This list utilized some other plugins from a list provided by Raj Shah: The WordPress Plugin Diet: How to Trim Fat and Boost Performance.

“​​Polish automatically optimizes the images on your site. When an image is fetched from your origin our systems automatically optimize it in our cache. Subsequent requests for the same image will get the smaller, faster, optimized version of the image.” – Cloudflare


What else is good there?

  • Brottli Compression (A better gzip compression feature).

Focused on Customer Satisfaction

While places strong value on performance and security, the platform also cares about customer satisfaction. They have a list of things that consist of providing customer satisfaction:

  • SECURITY FIRST – Everything that this platform does has to be done so very securely in order to guarantee protection for customers.
  • CUSTOMER FOCUS – constantly goes out of its way to make sure that the best service is provided to the customers.
  • PASSIONATE – This platform truly cares about its customers.
  • INNOVATIVE – is constantly working to improve the quality of its platform.
Best wordpress hosting at rocket. Net
Best wordpress hosting at rocket. Net

Little things they do different that I love!

  1. Seamless SLL Install and Domain migration. The migration process is awesome, simply open a ticket and give them your login credentials to your website. And, its FREE! Not only did they migrate my websites, they also suggested plugins I might want to disable because they were no longer needed on the hosting server.
  2. The migration of the domain is even easier. It’s a 3 step process: Provide Domain, THEY install SSL, And they give you the DNS records you need to change. The END!
  3. The entire dashboard experience is simple and just so beautiful I want to cry.


What is CDN?

CDN stands for content delivery network. Content delivery network is referred to as a geographically distributed network of proxy servers and their data centers. They work together with the purpose of providing quick delivery of internet content.

Ben Gabler was the chief product officer of one of the world’s largest CDN’s and observed WordPress customers having difficulties properly implementing CDN that his employer provided.

“Cloudflare Enterprise Is Not an Add-on or Feature – It’s the Future” Gabler states, “In this space I saw the need for simplifying and automating the process as much as possible. My solution was to start When launched in 2020, we immediately started gaining traction in the market. Our customers recognized that was able to provide unmatched speed, security, and overall customer experience.”

What is eCDN?

eCDN stands for Enterprise Content Delivery Network. Enterprise Content Delivery Network is referred to as a content delivery network that leverages private infrastructure to deliver content. has an eCDN so efficient, that their platform delivers a quality experience to website visitors across the globe. They don’t require any configuration, and there are no hidden costs. Even better, through the platform, your website will benefit from the Enterprise Cloudflare Network.

Smart Caching

Smart Caching is referred to as the ability to treat every asset in caches in a specific way. Gabler claims that this strategy came from limitations on the CDN purge, and that not everything was purging properly. (“Introducing: Smart Caching. Taking CloudFlare Enterprise EDGE Caching To The Next Level”) Therefore, he came up with some workarounds. He states, “So we got to work, determined to find a better solution. And I’m proud to say that we found it! Now, when making a change to your site that has an affect similar to above, Smart Caching will only purge HTML assets. This means that your CSS, JS, and images all stay nice and warm in the cache.”

What is WAF?

WAF stands for web application firewall. Web application firewall is referred to as a firewall that serves to monitor, filter, and block data packets as they travel to and from a website or web application. WAFs have the ability to be network-based, host-based or cloud-based and are often deployed through a reverse proxy and placed in front of one or more websites or applications.

At, a WAF is instrumental in protecting your WordPress from potential hackers. (“WordPress Website Firewall”) This is performed in 6 ways:

  • SQL INJECTION – Prevents this from infecting your database with harmful code.
  • MALICIOUS FILE UPLOAD – Malware and other scripts are blocked.
  • LOCAL FILE INCLUSION – Unauthorized access to sensitive data is blocked.
  • CROSS SITE SCRIPTING (XSS) – Attackers are blocked from executive harmful scripts while visitors browse your site.
  • DIRECTORY TRAVERSAL – Eliminates hidden files and folders for configuration files.
  • COMMENT SPAM – Performs 90% reduction in comment spam.

So has proven to be most efficient and reliable tool for web hosting. It serves the purpose of accelerating, protecting, and delivering WordPress to users across the globe. It also places strong emphasis on customer satisfaction, and it has the best security for websites.

WordPress hosting has changed the way we create websites. It has made the process of website creation more convenient and, in some cases, cost-effective. WordPress is also instrumental in SEO content and optimized by such material. In addition,

WordPress is effective in managing websites, particularly with blogs, sites for both professional and personal use, as well as e-commerce stores. Furthermore, it has become a valuable tool of technology.

In Conclusion I believe you will find that WordPress hosting will be a great choice for high performance hosting of your website. Click here for best wordpress hosting deal.

What is the best hosting for wordpress?
What is the best hosting for wordpress?

Computer Engineering Jobs & Remote Tech Support Jobs isn’t just a WordPress hosting platform; it is also a growing business. In fact, it provides some opportunities in regard to employment. The upside to this is that it offers remote employment, especially since more people are opting to work online amidst the coronavirus pandemic. Their headquarters are located in West Palm Beach, FL. Furthermore, it offers the following in regard to employment:

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