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2018 – SEO Tips and Tactics List

2018 – SEO Tips and Tactics List

Often I get calls about doing a website for a small business and the number one question on the potential clients mind is always, SEO. They want to know what SEO is and how I implement SEO into the website I am to build for them. Although I do follow an SEO guideline...

Learn How to SEO | Domain Age

According to Matt Cutts at Google, domain age does play a factor in SEO, but quality content and links play a much bigger role. Google bot has been using historical data in the search engine results since 2005. Google determines domain age after the site has been...

Learn How to SEO | WebSite Submission

EASY WAYS TO HELP YOUR WEBSITE RANK WELL IN GOOGLE AND BING Just because you have posted your website online, doesn’t mean that people will automatically be drawn to it. You will receive very few visits unless you make an effort to tell the world who you are,...
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