How To Bulk Optimize Video for Website Backgrounds

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The Best Video Compressor and Converter

My favorite place to optimize videos for website background use would have to be Converter Point. It’s an online tool that doesn’t require that you sign up to use it.  You don’t have to download some special program. Just upload and convert/compress. Pretty simple.

Html 5 background video converter & compression online

They have a few free options and the paid options are a one time fee of somewhere under $1. Well worth the cost considering a lot of other free programs are hard to find, put meta data in your videos, put watermarks on your videos and just have a plethora of other tools you don’t need. It’s also piece of mind that you’re downloading any viruses or ad’s that you might not be aware that you’re doing with other free video converters and optimizers. The wonderful thing about Converter Point’s website is it’s geared toward developers who just want the 4 main files needed for most basic website videos and website background videos.

  • MP4 ( for all other browsers )
  • WEBM ( for firefox and chrome browsers )
  • JPG ( still backup image, generally for mobile devices )
  • OGV ( html5 videos )

The meta data is moved to the head of the file, making it load faster on your website. You have the option to remove the audio if you like. You also have the option to use their suggested quality download or choose your own quality? You can also see a live preview before you download. If you want great quality and fast load times and a simple interface, use Converter Point.

Reduce and Compress Video Size with a Mac (MOV)

Open up the vide in quick time which is generally the default video player on the mac. Open your MOV file and choose FILE > EXPORT AS > FILE SIZE.

How to compress video resize on mac

How to compress mov video and resize on a mac

Compress and Resize Videos with Youtube

Upload a video to youtube and then download the MP4 when done. Vwala! Optimized video.  An alternative to uploading a video to your website is by linking a video from youtube or video which saves weight. Find a youtube to MP4 Converter and download your video. Be careful as alot of them will give you very low quality videos.

Online Tools For Video Compression and Resizing

  • Did a great job compressing my videos for free with an excellent user interface. But, the free price comes at the cost of an embedded watermark. The cost however to pay for premium services isn’t terribly expensive if you want to use it from month to month to get done what you need done.
  • is really nice and free, but limited to compressing MP4’s
  • use to be my goto converter and it does have a-lot of free options for conversion and optimization.

WordPress Plugins for Video Backgrounds

Useful Resources

If you want more information on the details about video optimization and other advanced ways you can optimize videos utilizing software programs, here are a few good articles.

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