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When I started my freelancing business and my clientele began to grow, I knew I had to manage my invoices and clients. So I thought in my tiny mind that everyone uses Quickbooks for this sort of task. I blindly purchased Quickbooks without a second thought. Boy, what a mistake.

If your a freelancer, Quickbooks is a waste of money. It has way too many functions you just don’t need and it lacks in areas you actually do need. The entire software is so complicated to use and you literally should be taking a class to learn how to use it. There are plenty of people banking on that business alone. I’m a freelance web designer, I’m freakin busy 24/7.  Ain’t nobody got time fo that!

I spent the next few months testing out demos and viewing feedback for various different Invoicing software solutions. Here is a list of some of the ones I liked best. One thing I was not going to submit to was a monthly payment to use an online invoicing system like Freshbooks. Freshbooks is cool and all, but I would rather own my own software and be in control.

1. FusionInvoice – Free
[notice]As of 2014, Fusion Invoice is No Longer Free. But still affordable and awesome![/notice]
My Number 1 Invoicing management software is Fusion Invoice. I’ve been using it for over 2 months and can’t believe I did without this program for so long. This is my software of choice. Not only is it frickin FREE! it does every single thing I need it to. It’s absolutely perfect for a freelance web designer like myself.

  • FREE
  • Self Hosted
  • Create Quotes, Link to Quote and Client Can Print Quote Out
  • Convert Quotes to Invoices with a Click of  Button
  • Create Invoices
  • Enter Tax Rates
  • Create Reaccuring Invoices
  • Enter Payments on Invoices
  • Creat Clients and add all Details Needed.
  • Custom Form Fields
  • Dashboard shows Outstanding Balances, Recent Payments Etc…
  • Reports on PDF
  • Create Guest Accounts and More..

Fusion invoice software
I highly recommend using Fusion Invoice. There is a free online demo so you can try it out before you install it. The one thing that they don’t currently have that I wish they did would be the ability to keep track of expenses and/or expenses per client/project.

The following Invoice Client Management Software Are all Self Hosted, One Time Payment Options. Still worth the small amount they are asking. Most all of these should have live demos to try out the software before you buy.


2. Ultimate Client Manger – $30-$60
Visit UCM Software Website
Ultimate client manager - ucm

3. Adaptive Client Manager – $25
Visit Adaptive Client Manger
Adaptive client manager

4. Client Response – $15
View Client Response Software
Client response software

5. QuickManager – $20
View Quick Manager Software
Quick manager

6. Freelance Cockpit – $20
View Freelance Cockpit Software
Freelance cockpit

7. Simple & Lightweight Project/Client Manager – $14
View Simple & Lightweight Client Manager Software
Simple client manager

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