How To Center The Menu In Genesis Executive Pro Theme

If you need to center the menu in your Executive pro theme, a genesis theme. Then this simple code will do the trick. Just add it somewhere near the menu css codes or at the bottom. This may work with other genesis themes as well. Still works great when using as a responsive menu too.

Copy and paste the following code snippet.

#nav .wrap{

margin:0 auto;

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  1. Kristi

    Thank you Heather! This really saved me today! It worked like a charm!

    • Heather Valencia

      Your welcome!

  2. John Divramis

    Hello Heather, do you have any ideas of how to center the logo in executive pro theme?

    Thank you on beforehand

    • John Divramis

      Thnak you Heather, i managed to center the logo with the use of the Genesis simple hooks, while i have hidden the normal logo display.

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