10 Easy Ways to Speed Up and Clean Up Your Computer, FOR FREE!

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Often I get someone asking me to fix their computer. Because they believe, if I can build websites, I must be able to fix computers too. haha. I wish.

The one thing I do know, is how to keep my computer optimized and running fast. I’ve only had to have my computer repaired by a professional 1 time in over 3 years. I tell my clients, friends and family, you have to do more to your computer than just use an antivirus! So I made this post so I could sit back, relax, and just email this article so I won’t have to repeat myself, ever again!

Having an antivirus on your computer is mandatory. Yes, it scans for virus’s. But, when you surf the web, download from the internet, uninstall programs, etc..etc, your computer starts to become crowded with a lot of unnecessary background information and junk that will over time, slow down your computer. To help clear a lot of this junk up, you should download a diagnostics program that sifts thru the brains of your computer and tells you what should be cleared away or fixed.

To help prevent taking your slow and messed up computer to a repair man, try out some of these awesome totally FREE programs and reduce yourself future headaches. There are also paid versions of some of the software if you choose to upgrade its abilities.

Remember, you are totally responsible for what you download on your computer. I merely point the way.

Virus Security Tools

These are my recommendations of antivirus software. You should never run your computer without one.
You should only ever have 1 anti-virus running on your computer at a time. Otherwise, you could create some complications.


Avast antivirus

Microsoft Security Essentials

Microsoft security essentials

Lavasoft Ad-Aware


Computer Diagnostics Tools

These diagnostics tools scan your computer for spyware, malware, and adware. They also scan your internet history, registry and any vulnerabilities in your computer. I buy the PRO version of IOBIT products for the extra features.

IObit Advanced SystemCare

Iobit advanced system care

IObit Malware Fighter

Iobit malware fighter

Piriform CCleaner




Computer Organization

One of my biggest pet peeves is looking at someones desktop and files and seeing a big huge mess. Nothing organized, hundreds of shortcuts on the desktop and the use of folder structure obsolete. Please, save yourself and organize your files. I found a couple interesting articles by Your Digital Space and LifeClever to help you out.

Stardock’s Fences

10 easy ways to speed up and clean up your computer, for free! - repaire

Another nightmare can be when you uninstall a program. A lot of times, even if you uninstall it, it leaves behind files and junk you don’t need. Revo Uninstaller solves this problem! I only advise people whom now what they are doing to use this as you can erase vital parts of your computer if you aren’t careful.

Revo Uninstaller

10 easy ways to speed up and clean up your computer, for free! - repair21


A browser is the window you use to surf the internet. Choose one that’s speedy, customizable and secure.


Firefox logo

Google Chrome

Chrome logo

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