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What is SEO? Search engine optimization aka SEO is the science of boosting views to your website and its pages through the use of search engines. When your website is optimized, you’re enhancing the possibilities of new user visits via organic listings.

Did you know there are multiple displays of your business in Google Search?

  1. Google Search Results (Most Common)
  2. Google My Business Listing (Business Profile)
  3. Google Maps, Business Listing Location

What is an Organic Search Result vs Paid Result?

What is SEO? Improving your website visibility in Bing & Google Search Results is Search Engine Optimization.

In google search results, how are organic links different from sponsored links?
In google search results, how are organic links different from sponsored links?

As you can see by the above picture, when I search for “health benefits vinegar” everything in the pink section shows up because the client paid for their ad to be visible in that section when the appropriate keywords are relevant.

In Google search results, how are organic links different from sponsored links?

Google Paid Ad’s: Paid ads are part of Internet Marketing. Paid ad’s are INSTANT VISIBILITY because you are paying to be seen.

Even when you pay for ad’s, you have to compete with other people paying for ad’s. This is why there is a bidding system for ad’s.

For example: If business #1 offers $3 per click on the search term “mexican restaurants near me” they can rank at the top of the page. However, if business #2 started ad’s they would need to pay $4 per click for the search term “mexican restaurants near me” in order to rank first at the top of the page. Pushing business #1 below them in paid search results.

Organic Listings (SEO): Everything in the blue section is Organic (not paid for) and is the competitive playground between whether you show up or your competition shows up in the first page.

Hiring a professional SEO will help you with focusing on pushing keywords into the first few pages of the search engine results. Organic results can take 3 to 12 months to start showing up and competing against your competition.

This is achieved by following a systematic algorithm of the effectiveness of your site in search engines. SEO Experts will formulate a plan of action of how they can construct/reconstruct your site to be more visible. This strategy becomes different from one business to another. I personally utilize SEO tactics to directly follow Google’s suggestions and guidelines with a dash of my own tactics.

Improve visibility: SEO is a tremendously time consuming and laborious process to optimize a website for visibility. It is not a process that happens overnight. It is continually monitored and adjusted to ensure that you are ahead of the competition and up to date with search robot algorithms. There are many factors that need to be evaluated in order to determine ranking and visibility of your website. Hire an Expert SEO near you.

What is Google My Business?

What is SEO? GMB is business listing SEO. It’s another way we optimize your website and business for visibly.

What is google my business?

Another way your business should come up in search results organically is via a Google My Business Listing. A listing is similar to that of a yellow pages listing.

Google will automatically create a business listing for you, if you have never made one. If you notice you have a listing by typing your business name into the search results, you’ll want to ‘claim that listing’ so you can have control over what the listing displays online.

What can you control with a Google My Business listing?

  • Hours of Operation
  • Business Address
  • Phone Number
  • Pictures
  • Map & Directions to your location
  • Inside Video Walk thru
  • Services Offered
  • Area’s Served
  • Link to Appointment Scheduler
  • Menu’s for Restaurants
  • Online Ordering for restaurants
  • Business Reviews
  • Social Profiles
  • FAQ’s

The most important feature in that list would be the business reviews section. You can use this as reputation management resource by providing feedback to your business reviews.

Improve visibility: Submit a Google My Business listing to help boost your businesses visibility online and take control of the content that is displayed.

How to get address on Google maps?

What is SEO? Improving your visibility in Google maps is SEO.

How to get address on google maps
How to get address on google maps

Did you know many Google search users will NOT visit your website and instead will choose to call you directly? That’s right. Take for example the keyword term ‘towing company near me‘. Most people don’t really care about visiting the website, they want to instantly call and get a quote or get emergency towing services on site.

It’s important that businesses such towing companies and locksmith companies are visible in google maps so we can track the calls made and increase leads.

Improve visibility: To get your business address on Google Maps, you’ll want to create or claim your google my business listing. You can learn how to sign up for a google business account.

How To Improve SEO

1. Performance Optimization
This is a high factor in ranking. Google favors websites that load fast over those that don’t as well. This is also important for your visitors coming to the site. Visitors that have longer load times, tend to leave websites and not come back. Basically, You lose customers. when your website is slow. What you believe to be fast and what google says is fast, are two different things. Google is very picky and odd’s are, unless you have paid for speed optimization by a professional, Google read’s your site as slow. Check your website with Googles website speed analyzer tool here.

2. Back Linking
What is a backlink? A backlink is when another website links to your websites via the home page or another relevant page on your website. Backlink building is the process of creating links to your website from other high quality websites that are compatible with your business and SEO.

Google ranks you according to popularity! The more friends you have in high places leads the search engines to believe you are reputable and trustworthy. This is one of the highest factors evaluated by the search engines.

However, not all backlinks are equal. There are also bad backlinks, called toxic backlinks. These can effect your SEO negatively for many reasons making you look bad because Google thinks you hang out with the wrong crowd. It’s somewhat out of your control, but you can hire an SEO Expert who can clean up your toxic backlinks for you.

3. Social Media Networking
Lure potential customers to your website by creating a network of social visibility that allows your potential customers to find your business, interact with your support, provide reviews and share your brand with the world. HootSuite is a social media management tool that can help you centralize and optimize your profiles and posts.

4. Web Design & Development
The aesthetic design of a website plays a big impact on the usability of the site. If a website is not easy for someone to navigate or find what they need easily, studies show that users will not bother spending much time on your website. Users are more apt to continue to view a website when it is visually interesting, as opposed to one that is rather unattractive and unprofessional.

5. Code Construction and Architecture
The manner in which your web designer develops your website makes a huge impact on the visibility of the site on the web. This is one huge reason that free websites and cheap websites are not optimal for search engine visibility. The type of elements and features you have on your website can make or break a sites effectiveness as well.

6. Keywords and Content
Content is a huge part of SEO. If you want your site to be viewed via certain keywords that users put into the search engine, then you must use these words in your website. Constructing highly viewable content is imperative for what users read on the website, but also what they cannot see inside the code. Keyword construction is a science and an art, it takes a great deal of talent to execute effective content that will prove to attract visitors.

7. Blogging, Articles, Recipes, News
Blogging is the heart of SEO, the engine if you will. It’s the major piece in how we develop keywords, traffic, activity and pages. Articles answer questions which helps consumers find our products and services. Articles with dated materials tell google that our site is active and alive. Articles also contribute to building a network of valuable information to the world wide web.

8. Offline Marketing
Never neglect the power of drawing in traffic from outside of your website. Some of these marketing tactics include print advertising, commercials and word of mouth. It can be as simple as printing your website on your receipts or business cards and brochures.

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