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What is SEO?

Search engine optimization aka SEO is the science of boosting views to your website and its pages through the use of search engines. When your website is optimized, you’re enhancing the possibilities of new user visits via organic listings.

Organic (Non-Paid) and Non-Organic (Paid)

Seo example

As you can see by the above picture, when I search for “health benefits vinegar” everything in the pink section shows up because the client paid for their ad to be visible in that section when the appropriate keywords are relevant. Paid ads are part of Internet Marketing. Everything in the blue section is Organic (not paid for) and is free game for every website on the internet. The way to be shown in the first few pages of this listing is by search engine optimization (SEO)

This is achieved by following a systematic algorithm of the effectiveness of your site on the web. Together we will formulate a plan of action of how we can construct/reconstruct your site to be more visible in the search engines. This strategy becomes different from one business to another. I utilize my SEO tactics to directly follow Google’s suggestions, guidelines, tools, and webinars. And as I emphasize the enhancing of your site on Google, I also make sure to include enhancing with other major search engines like Bing, Yahoo, and Ask.

There is a tremendously time consuming process to optimize a website for visibility. It is not a process that happens overnight. It is continually ongoing to ensure that you are ahead of the competition and up to date with search robot algorithms. There are many factors that need to be evaluated in order to determine ranking and visibility of your website.

Ways a website can be optimized for search engines

Back Linking
This is one of the highest factors evaluated by the search engines. This is the process of creating links to your website from other high quality websites such as YouTube, Facebook, and LinkedIn. They rank you according to popularity! The more friends you have in high places, leads the search engines to believe your reputable and trustworthy.

Web Design
The aesthetic design of a website plays a big impact on the usability of the site. If a website is not easy for someone to navigate or find what they need easily, studies show that users will not bother spending much time on your website. Users are more apt to continue to view a website when it is visually interesting, as opposed to one that is rather unattractive and unprofessional.

Increase Website Performance
Speed is another important factor in website design. Studies have shown that most users are impatient and having to wait too long for a website to load will lead them to go elsewhere for their needs.

Code Construction and Elements
The manner in which your web designer develops your website makes a huge impact on the visibility of the site on the web. This is one huge reason that free websites and cheap websites are not optimal for search engine visibility. The type of elements and features you have on your website can make or break a sites effectiveness as well.

Keywords and Content
Content is a huge part of SEO. The quality of your writing, the grammar, spelling, amount of words used and types of words used, etc…. are all part of ranking factors in the search engines. If you want your site to be viewed via certain keywords that users put into the search engine, then you must use these words in your website. Constructing highly viewable content with keywords is imperative for what users read on the website, but also what they cannot see inside the code. Keyword construction is a science and an art, it takes a great deal of talent to execute effective content that will prove to attract visitors.

Offline Marketing
Make sure to draw users to your site via other avenues such as print advertising, commercials and word of mouth. It can be as simple as printing your website on your receipts or business cards and brochures.

Blogging will add another level of SEO to your site. It helps provide freshness making your site an active one as opposed to a site that doesn’t get much change. It also will add pages and relevant content further increasing your SEO power. Add some social sharing buttons and you enhance the SEO even more.

Email Marketing
Lure potential customers to your website by investing in email marketing, Google, Bing and Facebook ads.


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