Completely Remove Programs from a Mac

I often download apps from the app store or 3rd party developers to try them out and see how I like it. Often times, I find I no longer have use for the app or just don’t like it in general. I don’t like the thought of a program I’m not using on my computer, still residing and wasting space on my mac. So here is how you can completely uninstall an app or program from your mac, manually, in just a few easy steps.

You should note, this is the complete way to remove a program. There are other, more standard ways, such as removing it or uninstalling it from the applications folder directly, but that doesn’t always remove every file of that app in your system. Most the time leaving behind little scraps of unused and needed files all over your mac. It’s important to me to get every file out.

  1. Open Finder
  2. Click on list view
  3. On the left hand portion of the window, select “Applications”
  4. In the search box type in the name of the program/app you are looking to remove or uninstall
  5. Click the “+” next to button “save”
  6. In the drop down choose “System Files” + “Are Included”. Then, choose “+” located in this row.
  7. Choose “Name” + “matches” + “name of program/app”
  8. Select all and throw away into the trash

I hope this helps you to remove apps from your Macbook or iMac much easier in the future.

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  1. Mostafa Kamal

    sometimes all file are can’t fully remove from the mac. but the tutorial must be help it to impolitely remove it..


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