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WP UI Worpress Plugin Review

[notice]I no longer use this plugin, but I still love it and recommend it fully![/notice]

WordPress Plugins, I love them

I, Heather the Great, was on a quest to find the best JQuery WordPress plugin for tab navigation to implement on my website. Today, I found one that is fresh, hot looking and works absolutely great, so far. haha

I would like to extend my greatest thanks to the plugin developer,Kavin Gray, for Word-press plugin WP UI!

Who created it?
Kavin Grey. The man is Doctor! Web developer and UI designer from India. Talk about multitasking. whew!

What does the WP UI WordPress plugin do?
The WP UI WordPress plugin lets you easily integrate slick JQuery UI tabs, accordions and sliders with a hint of Ajax into your WordPress pages and posts. In fact, your using it now!

Not only that, you can choose from 14 different CSS3 skins available with the plugin.

Displaying the tabs, accordions or sliders is as easy as typing out the short codes into your pages/posts, or using the editor buttons that display in your WordPress editor after activation!

Kavin has also included lots of help information with the plugin if you get stuck or confused.

Where can I get it?
Download the plugin at WordPress

Why should I be using it?
Because I said so, That’s why.

Other than that reason, its a totally awesome feature for organizing monstrous amounts of content on page for a better user experience and easier navigation!

I have a great feeling that this WordPress plugin will rise rather quickly in ratings and downloads and that Kavin Gray will soon become very popular on the internet! Shoot, I should be making plugins too!

Please feel free to comment and share, you will put a smile on this little lady for the day!

Author: Heather Valencia

Author: Heather Valencia

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  1. Kavin Gray

    Hi Heather, Thanks for the review, glad you find the plugin useful ! Much appreciated. 🙂

  2. Heather Valencia

    Man, I missed this reply. Yes, I have since fixed that. There was an updated to the plugin, I had to deactivate and then activate the plugin and it finally worked again. Thanks for the notice though. Much appreciated.

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