Review of Zero Bullshit CRM for WordPress Plugin

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In this review I’m going to take a look at the new Zero Bullshit CRM Wordpress plugin by Epic Plugins. Learn a whole new way on how to manage clients & invoicing like a boss.

A CRM is a Customer Relationship Management Interface. Basically, a tool that lets you keep track of your customers contact information, leads, sales notes and more. CRM’s can be hosted independently OR installed as a WordPress plugin inside the dashboard of your WordPress website.  Some of them are free and some of them can cost thousands of dollars a month. But there is one thing a lot of them have in common, and that’s BLOAT! Too much unnecessary features you may or may not use. That’s where Zero Bullshit CRM comes in and gives us something different!


Customer control and management, right in your wordpress dashboard!

What makes this CRM stand out?

  • IT’S FREE! Can’t beat that 🙂
  • CRM Only Access: You can set specific user access that is restricted to just the CRM features. (customers, quotes, invoices).
  • Create Custom Fields: If you require to capture any other specific information about clients/quotes/invoices you can easily add a new field of information you would like to capture.
  • Login Logo Override: This plugin comes with a cool feature to change the login logo for your WordPress website. Further allowing you to add those final touches to a custom WordPress website.
  • Accept Payments: Collect payments from clients with extensions (coming soon)
  • Not Bulky: A lot of plugins similar to this will be bloated with all kind of data you might not need.  ZBS CRM keeps it simple. Never slowing down your website with unnecessary features you wont’ use. You can pick and choose which features you would like to install.
  • Extensions:  A sales dashboard, paypal sync for payment collection, mail campaigns, woocommerce and more, you can build this CRM up to be the perfect management system to suit your business. No more paying for features you don’t use.
  • No Monthly Payments: Unlike other CRM’s on the market, Zero Bullshit is FREE.
  • Updates VIA WordPress: Don’t worry about having to manually update this plugin via FTP. ZBS has updates that you can do right through the WordPress dashboard.


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Where I felt it falls short

  • Cannot create client for a quote or invoice “on-the-fly”. Currently, you have to first create a client before you can associate it with an invoice.
  • Does not dynamically create invoice numbers
  • no ability to “add payments”. Often I get clients that make multiple payments at different times on an invoice and being able to keep track  of that with this system would make it more awesome.

Being that it is still  a fairly new plugin, the developers are happy to hear requests on how they can make it better for their users. Feel free to drop them a line, they listen 🙂

To wrap up my review, I enjoyed the simplicity of Zero Bullshit CRM and can’t wait to watch it grow to be developed into one of WordPress’s best CRM plugins on the market. Here is some useful documentation. I urge you to download this free CRM WordPress plugin and give it a try. Please comment below and tell me your experience.

Visit Zero Bullshit CRM

Have a look inside Zero Bullshit CRM for WordPress without having to install it.

Enter Here for The Drawing To Win $1, 000 Worth of Free Extensions For this cool CRM

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