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P3 (Plugin Performance Profiler) WordPress Plugin Review

Is your WordPress Website Slow?

Site speed has now become a playing factor in the world of Google Ranking. It is very important to keep your site running as fast as possible for two reasons. Google will rank you better, and visitors will have a much better user experience.

One huge way you can keep your wordpress website performing at it’s best, is to keep the amount of plugins that you use at a minimum. I advise people to not use a plugin if you are capable of adding the code to your theme as an alternative. Why is this? Well for one, plugins can be a security risk if they are coded poorly and are not upgraded to keep up with the ever changing  internet technologies.

Another reason you want to avoid using a plugin is because they can weigh your website down, causing it to be very slow. Word of advice, some plugins do not require the need to stay activated 24/7. Deactivate these plugins when not in use. This will keep your site staying as speedy as possible. Let’s say your site is still running rather slowly and you want to pin point exactly what it could be. Well, that’s where the P3 Plugin Performance Profiler made by Godaddy comes to play.

Thanks to a friend of mine who runs the best big brother blog on the internet, I was able to pin point a couple plugins I was using that were really bogging my website down because of how heavy they were. He had used theP3  plugin himself after experiencing some difficulties with his own website and found that there was a plugin that was acting as a anchor and causing all kinds of problems. So, he just deleted it. Now his site is running much faster.

P3 plugin performance profiler

As you can see from the screenshot, after you create a scan of your theme and plugins, p3 will analyze the load times of all the plugins in comparison to your theme as well. You will be able to pin point which plugins take the longest to load. There is a query timeline that tells you the  number if database queries for every page. So you can see which pages take the longest to load and why. You can keep a history of your scans so you can compare what is acting differently from one scan to another.

This plugin will prove to be invaluable to WordPress theme developers, WordPress plugin developers and any person managing their WordPress website.
Visit the P3 Worpress Plugin at
Plugins aren’t the only problem when it comes to keeping your wordpress website fast. Here are a bunch of articles I have found on the internet that were also useful to myself when it came to speeding up my entire website. Take the time to read a couple of them. You may find some useful information you  may have not yet thought of.

Author: Heather Valencia

Author: Heather Valencia

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  1. Satyam

    yes i installed the plugin grate work

  2. Arun Kallarackal

    Nice review. I think I must try this plugin out 🙂

  3. Leo

    Great resource Heather! How about writing on New Relic as well? Also, on things like what can we further do to reduce load time, queries and such =)

    Appreciate the good work!

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