OpenMenu – The Future of Restaurant Menus Online

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While looking for menu solutions for a new website client of mine, I happened to stumble upon a cool looking concept called OpenMenu.

What is OpenMenu? OpenMenu™ has created the first standard to regulate the way restaurants store, share and use their menus over the Internet by standardizing the menus’ structure and format. A powerful global menu platform allowing a restaurant to manage a single menu which powers their entire online presence.

Think, Facebook Open Graph for Restaurant Menus!

With the power of OpenMenu, you can create an OpenMenu account for FREE! Why should you create an OpenMenu Account?

  • Your menu from OpenMenu is connected everywhere! Change your menu from the OpenMenu account and it gets changed everywhere! Twitter, Facebook, Your Website, Your QR Code, etc…
  • You get  a free generated QR Code for your menu
  • You get a free mobile website of your entire menu
  • You get a free restaurant listing on the OpenMenu website
  • Your restaurant is included in the OpenMenu Search Engine
  • A free menu cloud which allows you to see which menu items are most popular
  • Easy Social Network Sharing of your Menu
  • OpenMenu can be used on HTML websites, WordPress Websites, Joomla Websites and More!
  • Don’t have to ask your web designer to change your menu items
  • Live analytics of your restaurant menu. See detailed information about who is viewing your menu, what items they are viewing and from where they are viewing it!
  • The OpenMenu Creator is easy enough for a web designer or a restaurant owner to use
  • OpenMenu is FREE!!

Here are various tools for the OpenMenu

I have a great feeling if website developers get more involved and get their clients educated and signed up for OpenMenu, that this will be one of the standards for restaurants on the internet in the near future.

Please help spread the word about OpenMenu and either share this post with your friends and family (on the left), Like OpenMenu On Facebook, Follow OpenMenu on Twitter or learn more about getting involved as a developer with OpenMenu.



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