Open Source CMS-CMS Demos and Information | Website Review

Opensourcecms website

Opensource CSM is an awesome website that easily gives you demo access to the front and back end of various opensource cms projects out on the web. I am a big fan of open source projects and this is like a playground for me!

I was curious about how Magento worked but didn’t want to go thru the trouble of installing it on my server just to try it out.

Opensource CMS had a live demo copy of Magento that I could access as if it were installed on my own server without having to do all the work.

Each featured CMS on the website has a commenting system and a rating system to allow web designers and developers to interact and make suggestions to one another.

If you happen to be a developer and are building  an opensource project and would like to get the word out about your project you can request to have it include in the website.

Give OpenSource a look, its a fun place to waste time and maybe find a CMS you may fall in love with!



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