How Much Does a Website Cost?

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The following information is to give the average consumer and idea of what websites cost. There are several factors that decide a websites costs and the following will give you some insight as to what goes into figuring web design prices so you may be able to budget yourself accordingly.

That being said, although you will see approximate prices for web design, good designers will usually charge what they are worth. The area you live in can make a huge impact on price as well. You should expect to pay a little less in a smaller city as apposed to a larger one. Why is this? There is more competition in a larger city than a smaller one which means more work on the designers part to compete in design and search engines. It goes without saying; you get what you pay for!

It is my recommendation that a person looking to have a website designed should look to a few local professionals and receive at least 3 quotes. Web design is not just a product being built for you. It’s a service you’re investing in for the future of your business and the professional you decide to hire should be made with great consideration.

Factors in web design pricing

1.Type of website you need
2.Payment options available
3.Type of Web Designer you hire
4.Website Features you would like
5.Needed elements to keep your website running

Types of Websites on the Internet

[wpspoiler name=”Portfolio, Informational and Brochure | $300-$2,500+” style=”wpui-green”]

Portfolio, Informational and Brochure

This type of website simply describes the business, services offered, hours of operation etc…
They typically contain less than 15 pages. This is a very popular choice of website for most small businesses and professionals.

Some portfolio sites include restaurant websites, lawyer websites and tattoo shop websites.


[wpspoiler name=”Ecommerce Website | $2,000-$25,000+” style=”wpui-green”]

Ecommerce Shopping Website

This type of website functions around a shopping cart system. Visitors can add to, or delete products from their cart and make a final purchase through the website. Ecommerce websites can be very small to very complex in size.

Some ecommerce sites include Amazon and Hoffman Music.


[wpspoiler name=”Community Forums and Social Networking Websites | $2,000-$30,000+” style=”wpui-green”]

Community Forums and Social Networking Websites

These websites revolves around socializing. Visitors sign up and interact with one another in various ways. A member starts a discussion topic and other members can reply. These can also be very simple to very complex.

Some social websites include Facebook and LinkedIn.


[wpspoiler name=”Job Board, Bulletin and Classifieds Websites | $2,000-$5,000+” style=”wpui-green”]

Job board, Bulletin and Classifieds Websites

These are websites that lets the owner or visitors create listings to post various messages or items for sale out to the community.

Sample classified sites include Craigslist and EBay


[wpspoiler name=”Directory Websites | $2,000-$10,000+” style=”wpui-green”]

Directory Websites

These sites allow business and individuals to post relevant information about their selves or business’s so others may search for their services or products.

Some directories include DexKnows and United States Web Design Directory


[wpspoiler name=”Subscription and Membership Websites | $3,000-$20,000+” style=”wpui-green”]

Subscription and Membership Websites

These are websites that usually require you pay a fee or sign up to have access to other parts of the website.

Sample membership websites include: Dating Websites and Weight Loss Websites


[wpspoiler name=”Database Driven Websites | $5,000-$100,000+” style=”wpui-green”]

Database Driven Websites

These websites have an immense amount of back-end work involved. Constant upkeep and security are priority. Sites like these include banking websites.


[wpspoiler name=”Blog Web Design | $500-$5,000″ style=”wpui-green”]

Blog Web Design

These are usually informational websites. The content in these websites are normally updated by the owner. The purpose of these websites can be to generate revenue, create awareness of topics, communicate experience and professionalism, or just make people laugh. There are many small business sites that include blogs.

Some popular blogs include Blogging with Amy and The Oatmeal


[wpspoiler name=”Newspaper and Magazine Websites | $3,000-$30,000+” style=”wpui-green”]

Newspaper and Magazine Websites

These are websites that are full of information like your local TV news or local newspaper. They are constructed in a very simple but methodical way to attract the attention of visitors to certain topics of discussion.

Some sample magazine style sites include KXLY and The Inlander.


Types of Website Payment Options

Per Page Website Pricing
Some designers prefer to be paid by each page. Sometimes they charge an initial fee to setup the site and include a price for each extra page added. This can be anywhere from $10 a page to $150 a page.

Website Package Rates
A lot of designers will create one price website packages that include built in features with the price. Depending on the package these prices are usually between $300-$5000+

Total Website Project Cost
Some designers don’t disclose pricing at all. They prefer to price accordingly to each project. You usually have to receive a quote or estimate after speaking with the designer to know what you will be paying for your web design. A lot of web designers and website firms offer free website quotes and estimates.

Per Hour Pricing
There are also designers that prefer to charge by the hour. You can expect to pay anywhere from $15 an hour to $100 an hour depending on the type of designer you hire.

Per Month Pricing
Some designers and companies offer a choice to pay by month. There is usually a setup fee and an agreed monthly price for the service.

Types of Web Designers Available

Student Web Design[Free – $25hr]
Students usually receive homework that requires they make an entire site. Students are usually not the most experienced as they are just beginning, but if you absolutely can’t afford a professional designer; sometimes starting off with a student designer can help the both of you out.

Bidding Marketplace [$12hr-$50hr]
These are community portals that allow a person to request a website project and offer a payment for services. Several designers can bid on the project allowing you to narrow down a potential designer.

Offshore Web Designer [$10-$30]
These are website designers that work offshore of the continent you currently live. Their prices are usually lower for web services.

Freelancer Web Designer [$20-$75]
Freelancers are web professionals that normally work from home. Sometimes freelancers are hired to do small projects for clients of web design firms and companies. Freelance Web Designers can usually do most work themselves, making them a more affordable high quality option for small businesses. Freelancers can be found all over by searching in Google or Bing for “freelance web designers in your city”.

Website Company/Web Design Firm [$60hr-$300hr]
These are groups of web professionals that come together to create a web presence for a business. Each person usually specializes in a part of your website. Because they have a team of experts, web design firms are ideal for building heavy database driven websites and corporate websites.

Some features that go into considering the cost of a website

•Amount of pages needed on the website
•Content Writing / Copywriting
•Custom Graphics
•Large/Small Ecommerce shopping carts
•Link Building
•Social Networking
•Search Engine Optimization [SEO]
•Internet Marketing and Advertising
•Content Management Systems [CMS]

Some features needed for keeping a site running

•Domain Name [$8-$15 per year]
•Hosting Service [$40-$300 per year]
•Shopping Carts (for ecommerce websites) [usually comes with design]
•SSL (for ecommerce websites) [$70-$300 per year]
•Payment Gateway (for ecommerce websites)[Merchant Prices]
•Website Maintenance [$20- $200 per month]

Like I mentioned before, it is almost impossible to figure what your website will cost unless you venture on a quest and speak to a few professionals about your project. Most designers will be more than willing to give you a free web design quote or estimate. They can also give you lots of alternatives and work with your budget to get you online. Your website is a reflection of our work, so when your website succeeds, our web design business succeeds as well.

Please feel free to ask questions or give feedback on this article. Thank You!

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