5 Best Stock Photo Sites for Designers in 2022

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Do you always run out of ideas when searching for the perfect image for your blog or website? Well, don’t worry because you are not alone!

After incorporating many of their favorite pictures into their content, many professionals face this dilemma: Where to find the best stock photos that go nicely with their website or blog’s theme?

As a designer, you have to cover so many projects with an artistic approach that it might get hard to make something from scratch. In such cases, stock images are no less than a blessing. It is a helpful approach to free yourself from the stress of taking photos and finding the right light and camera quality.

In today’s article, we will talk about stock photos, their importance, and the five best stock photo sites for designers in 2022.

What Are Stock Photos?

Stock photos are albums of pictures covering a diverse range of scenarios and niches. They are available for content creators who want to upgrade the quality of their work with a visual impact. When optimized correctly, stock pictures can also help with the SEO of your site.

There are plenty of websites offering stock photos for free or at a small price. The price factor mainly depends on the image quality, its availability in the market, and its uniqueness. Some stock photo agencies might let you use the image with mere credits or appreciation, while others might ask you to purchase an entire album or subscribe to a specific plan.

When compared, stock images for a price are more diverse in terms of creativity and quantity. Fortunately, many free sites are also trying to level up their services for people on a budget.

Some stock photos are generic and may appear evident to the eye. However, most stock photo websites allow you to make minor tweaks and adjustments to fit them within your brand’s layout. You can also find relevant ‘editing’ features within the stock photo sites like changing the filters, resizing, or enlarging their size without losing quality.

Besides photographs, you can find many other visual options such as abstracts, vectors, illustrations, music clips, and even video footage on these websites.

Now, let’s take a look at the top websites for free and affordable stock photos.

Five Best Stock Photo Sites for Designers in 2022

The following list features the most popular stock photo sites for designers in 2022.

1. Unsplash

5 best stock photo sites for designers in 2022 - ai image upscaler stock photos

Unsplash is a treat for people looking for digital resources without the hefty costs. The content on this website is completely free and allows users to utilize it any way they want without giving credits.

Currently, the Unsplash library features over three million stock photos. It is a growing family with over 240,000 creators who use this platform to build their portfolios.

What makes Unsplash so special?

  • It has a dedicated section for current events that lets you share newsworthy material on blogs and maintain popularity.
  • There are images, textures, and 3-D designs available on a variety of topics like fashion, athletics, health, nature, and more.
  • They have a dedicated blog section for users who want to stay up to date with changes in the world of digital imaging.
  • Unsplash team is open to hiring and provides various job opportunities on their page.
  • This website is partnered with some of the largest brands in the world.
  • The Unsplash App is available on the Apple Store.

2. Shutterstock

Shutter stock stock photos

A listing of the best stock photo sites is incomplete without the mention of Shutterstock. People looking to go through a professional web design process consider creating a team account on this site for its diverse and top-quality resources. It has multiple pricing plans that let you find a suitable fit for your company. You need a price to pay for all images as they are copyright protected.

What makes Shutterstock so special?

  • Shutterstock offers images, illustrations, vectors, 3D models, and videos.
  • A search option is built-in to help you find assets based on category, name, and type.
  • Professional-quality templates are also available for online use on social media and printing for business.
  • Designers can obtain the template of choice and then customize it according to the needs of the company.
  • You can enhance videos by adding music in the background. The music is protected by Shutterstock and is available to premium users only.
  • Curated images are a section of albums that contain top selections of a particular theme.
  • Shutterstock offers an image editor that contains features like an AI photo upscaler, file converter, and collage maker to help in customization.

3. Envato

Envato elements stock photos

Envato is not just a stock photo platform. It is a heaven for content creators – especially web designers. Known as Envato Elements, this stock photo platform is a part of the enterprise. It features high-quality content with non-exclusive images that you can alter to match the setting of your website. Let’s see what makes this compilation of over five million pictures worthy.

What makes Envato so special?

  • Complete graphic designing and web development package along with images.
  • The quantity might be less, but the quality is top-notch.
  • They give permission to use logos and templates for businesses.
  • Envato Market stock images are pretty affordable and extend your license with highly discounted prices.
  • You can also find other media elements like music, videos, and fonts.
  • Feeling a little colorful? With Envato stock images, you can filter your search based on colors.

4. Stock Photos

Ai image upscaler stock photos

Stock Photos maybe a little underrated in the digital world. However, with over seven million active users and a facility to enhance images, we consider it among the top sites. After all, anyone would love a platform to choose and edit images in the same place. Plus, it is one of the most affordable stock photo sites out there.

What makes Stockphotos so special?

  • This website comes with an integrated free AI image upscaler to enhance the quality of your photos.
  • It is linked with a popular image editing tool Canva and the stock photo site Shutterstock. Users of Stock Photos can get discounts for purchasing from Shutterstock.
  • Stockphotos boasts a collection of over seven million pictures which is an optimal quantity for freelancers and remote designers.

5. DepositPhotos

Deposit photos stock photos

If you want stock photos from a platform that offers direct contact with the team, DepositPhotos is your go-to site. It is a royalty-free platform with a wide range of images that meet your design needs and the project’s demand. This website features a lot of things like artificial intelligence to upscale images, music templates, editorials, and much more.

What makes Deposit Photos so special?

  • DepositPhotos contains a combination of vectors, illustrations, and a complete collection of images. You can add your personal collection for future use and prevent the risk of losing data.
  • Use DepositPhotos to add background sounds to your video content. There are different options, from sound effects to audio recordings.
  • It lets you chat with customer support for any inconvenience.
  • DepositPhotos stays in the trend of digital photography with their regularly updated blog.

Final Thoughts

In this article, we have mentioned the five best stock photo sites for designers in 2022. If you are a content designer who is always on the lookout for fresh stock images to enhance your projects, do visit these websites and check out the amazing content.

You will find various features, including image editors, artificially intelligent image upscalers, online libraries containing millions of photos, and much more! With these tools and stock photos, you will be successful in refining your content’s aesthetics.

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