Facebook Timeline | Enable Your Timeline Now in 10 Easy Steps

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1. Login to Facebook and become a Facebook Developer.

2. If you are not automatically brought to apps page, you can choose apps from the top blue bar navigation

3. Click grey button that says create a new app

4. Give it whatever name and namespace you want and agree to facebook policies

5. Click “opengraph” link on the left

6. Define actions in the text boxs. Write anything you want. “People can ____ a______” could be “People can upload a picture

7. Click Get Started

8. Change some default settings like “upload” to “download”. whatever, no big deal. We are just messing around to be able and get an invite

9. Don’t worry about changing anything else and click thru all the pages. Until your finished

10. Go back to your profile in a few minutes and you should see an invite above from facebook to try out Timeline!

No one else will be able to see your Timeline. I think timeline is super cool. There are awesome features like a map that displays where you took your pictures, and dedicated well organized pages for your about info, friends, likes, and more. Its different and new and will take a day or two to adjust, but I think if you give it a chance and look at it with positive wonder, you will enjoy the new Facebook.

Facebook is currently in a legal battle with Timelines Inc over the use of thier trademark “Timelines”. The exact date of Timelines official release is still unknown.

Take a look at my timeline!
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