The Ultimate Guide to Moving A WordPress Website

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This post is primarily for my use as I’m finding that I’ve had to move WordPress websites on many occasions. Weather it be moving a WordPress website from a localhost to a server online or just moving WordPress from a sub directory to the root. I’ve taken the time today to try and put together links that have been useful to me when trying to move a WordPress website. Always make sure you read a few sources before beginning the move. You want to gather the steps from a few sources rather than rely on one. Be careful who’s directions you follow. I always try to follow steps from trusted sources. Some situations can be very different from others.

The best place to get information on moving a wordpress website is of course from the wordpress codex. But of course, there are other great tutorials that make reading a bit easier for some of us half retarded people and some developers have come up with easier ways to do things. Check out the WordPress Codex on Moving a WordPress website.

No matter how you decide to move your WordPress website, you should ALWAYS CREATE A BACKUP BEFORE YOU BEGIN!

Moving WordPress From Local Host To Server

A lot of WordPress designers and developers like to design the clients site on the local host instead of the live server. Sometimes you may have to if the client wants their current site to remain live while you develop it. In those cases, you will have to know how to move it!

Moving WordPress From Subdomain/Subdirectory to Root

I found the easiest way to keep a clients current site up and easily move it later is to install it on a sub directory of the site and move it when your ready to go live. For example This is awesome because the sub directory can also hold the main WordPress files after you’ve moved the site keeping your root clean and your core files hidden. That increases security for your WordPress website! Also the client can review the site easily until it’s been approved to be moved.

Moving WordPress To A New Server

There will come a time when you will have to move an wordpress site from one server to another server. This can be easy or difficult depending on where your moving from and where your moving to. The very first place I would look for instructions would be both hosting companies specific instructions. A lot of legit hosts have specific wordpress instructions for installing wordpress or even moving it. Read that first! Here are some from a few major host companies…

Moving A WordPress MultiSite

I have yet to build a WordPress multisite, but I imaging this is a far more difficult task to move from one place to another.

Change a WordPress URL

This can be different depending if your changing the URL and also moving, or just changing the WordPress URL on your existing server. One tip for you, I’ve found in the past that changing the URL inside of WordPress doesn’t always work. But if you force it in the wp-config.php file, it works! So keep that in mind if your banging your head for hours.

Cloning WordPress Sites

Sometimes you might find that your recreating the same installs for your different clients. You may  have a particular set of plugins you use in all your sites and it becomes very tedious to search and install all of those one by one. One method to help you out with this process is referred to as WordPress cloning or WordPress duplicating.

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