If you haven’t found a way to move a WordPress website that you felt comfortable with, I’m about to show you the way most host companies do it for you. This is the raw, advanced way to to it. So if you don’t understand code, I wouldn’t attempt this. (really, I’m just writing down these steps for my own use in the future )


At Your Current Host…

1. Thru FTP or File Manager in your host, Download ALL your WordPress files in a zip format. Also download the wp-config.php file separately.

2. Thru PHP myAdmin, Export the the WordPress database. You can find the database name and info inside your wp-config file. Make sure while exporting to check mark the “drop tables” section.

At Your New Host…

3. Create a new add-on domain complete with a new username and password. You will be using the domain you already use for your website. (If you moving over more than once site, add on domain should automatically create a new folder for each installation)

4. In your file manager (or FTP) Upload and Extract the zip files of the website into your new hosting account where the root of the site files will be. If it’s only one site, it will usually be at the public_html root. If it’s more than one site, it will be installed in it’s own folder via what you created in step 3. public_html/yournewfolder.com

5. Got to MySQL Databases in cpanel (or your host) and Create a new database for the website. Create a new database name and make sure to save the name you are creating. Scroll down and add a new database user (with a new name) and database password. Save information. Scroll down again and add the user to the database (click add button). Give them all privileges access.

6. Now we need to upload the database file we made in step 2. So at your new host your going to access php MyAdmin. Find the database you created (by database name). Click import button. Browse for your sql file and click go (make sure your on utf-8). After upload, click on your database name again to ensure the contents was uploaded. Once confirmed we have one last important step. Click search and type in “public_html” and select all databases and click go. Browse any matches

7. Change your database information in the wp-config file to the new information you saved back in step 5.

8. Change your nameservers for your domanin to the new hosting company.

Here is the video that trained me in the correct way to migrate a wordpress website from one hosting company to another. I am very grateful to this video. I now know the proper way to transfer sites 🙂