Learn How to SEO | Choosing a Searchable Domain Name

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Easy ways to help your website rank well in Google and Bing

Choosing a domain name is not only the most important part of your online presence, its also one of the tools that will help you rank well in search engines. Choose wisely and your website will prosper well.

Purchase a domain name with relevant keywords included

Example: If you’re an attorney who specializes in one field, you are more likely to be found by the domain name www.divorcelawyercity.com instead of www.yourname.com. Although, if your known for your name, than purchase a domain name that contains your name.

Yes, you can purchase as many domain names as you like and have them all point to your website.

When people search Google or Bing for divorce lawyers, they are going to type “divorce lawyers” or “divorce lawyers seattle,wa”. If you want your website to show up in Google before all the other divorce lawyers, it helps significantly to purchase a relevant domain name.

A divorce lawyer who also specializes in adoptions and other family law related terms could buy
familylawlawyer.com and adoptionlawyer.com or yourcityadoptionlawyer.com

Including a city will help localize your business. Including all your skills will help narrow down searchers.

Purchase powerful domain names

Domains should include

  • Include a city, state or country
  • Include skills
  • Include services
  • Include products
  • Include your name
  • Include your brand

Choose domains names that…

  • Are easy to remember
  • Roll on the tongue easy
  • Sound silly, cool, or interesting
  • Are easy to spell
  • Has the “.com” ending
  • Do not use hyphens, dashes or numbers. The shorter the name, the easier to remember.
  • Don’t conflict or sound similar to another website as they can easily be confused for one another.
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