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According to Matt Cutts at Google, domain age does play a factor in SEO, but quality content and links play a much bigger role. Google bot has been using historical data in the search engine results since 2005. Google determines domain age after the site has been published or if links are found elsewhere pointing to that website.

What Google does not care about…

  • Google does not rely on whois data to determine domain age because that data information can vary in different ways all over the world.
  • Pre-aged domains don’t make a difference in the search engines.
  • There is not significant difference from an indexed page that is 6 months old to a year old.

How does Google determine domain age?

  • When the Google bot first crawls the site, or first see’s the site.
  • When the Google bot first saw a link to a domain of the site.
  • A domain that is indexed by Google can usually show up in the SERPS within a couple months.
  • When has the site been last updated?

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