Custom Reports in Google Analytics for Your Clients

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Being that i’m a freelance web designer it’s important that I spend time in the mornings looking over my Google analytics custom reports for each of my clients. I need to know the effectiveness of the on-site SEO in my website designs. It is also important to be able to share these results with my clients.

Most of my clients really love to see what kind of traffic is going on in their website. I like to make things as simple as possible for them so I created a custom dashboard that shows me all the basic stuff I need to know about the traffic of their website.

Client analytics google analytics report

My sample analytics report

  • Total Visits
  • Total Page Views
  • Average Time On Page
  • Visits and Pageviews by Mobile (including tablet)
  • Organic Keyword Searches
  • Visits by City
  • Visits by Source
  • % Visits By Traffic Type
  • % Visits by Visitor Type
  • Visits Timeline
  • Visits by Browser
  • Visits By Page

After creating the custom dashboard in Google analytics, I now have the ability to email these results to each of my clients on a one time, daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis. I feel that emailing these out to them once a month as a PDF is sufficient enough. Not too much, and not too little.

What’s really cool is Google analytics gives me the ability to share the configuration of my dashboard with you. That’s right! You can download the same configuration that I use and customize it as you see fit for each of your each one of your clients. That’s pretty sweet.

How To Add A Google Custom Report To Your Client Account

You should be logged into Google and then use this link to download this simple dashboard Custom Report in Google analytics.

Click Here And Download My Simple Google Analytics Custom Reports Dashboard

How to Edit and Add Users To a Google Analytics Account

1. Choose Admin tab on the left hand side of
2. Choose the account the property is under
3. Choose the property you want to add/edit users
4. Choose “user management”
5. add the email of the user you want to add (usually a gmail account)
6. Apply the access permission level for that user
7. Click the ‘add’ button when done.

Here are some other Google analytics resources I found useful around the internet. Enjoy ^_^

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