BidSketch Proposal Software Review by a Freelance Web Designer

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What is proposal software?

There is a huge difference between invoicing / quotation software and proposal software. Invoicing software is for collecting payments on accounts. Some invoicing software can even create quotes. I happen to use invoicing software myself, and for years I’ve been a loyal customer of Fusion Invoice.

So you ask yourself, If I have quotation / invoice Software, why would I use proposal software?  It’s very simple. Quotation software is generally rather simple, for simpler tasks that don’t really require a lot of explanation. In my case, more often than not, when I sell my website services, they don’t require the client to need much more info than what I can explain on a quotation. But on the occasion, I get clients whom need a project that does not fit in a quote and needs far more explanation for them to make a commitment to my services.

Why should you use proposal software?

  1. Its professional looking and customizable. It generally has an interactive user interface that allows your clients to navigate from page to page of your proposal.
  2. Live signatures and digital signatures can be applied by one or both parties and it’s time stamped and documented.
  3. If developed well, proposal software has security features built in for privacy concerns.
  4. The organized structure of proposal software allows for your readers to pace themselves as they read thru your proposed actions, fee’s, services agreement, project timeline and more.
  5. The professional look of a proposal is a must have if you intend to provide quotes for higher end clients who will expect more from you. If you want to compete, you gotta show up in your best dressed clothes.

Why I Chose BidSketch Proposal Software

BidSketch offered me some pretty affordable and competitive rates compared with other proposal solutions on the market. But, they didn’t skimp on the required features that make proposal software unique to quotation software.

  1. The ability to insert variables to speed up the process of getting proposals done quickly. Just that feature alone is incredibly useful in making things much easier for you.Bidsketch proposal software review by a freelance web designer - bidsketch proposal software review
  2. The option to create a brand new blank template or get up and running quickly with over 30 pre-made templates create for you. The best thing? They have created specific niche templates for various businesses such as web developers, WordPress web designers, and internet marketers, just to name a few.
  3. The dynamic ability to let clients ADD-ON Services not included in the quote. Just freaking awesome, really.
  4. Clients can choose to accept or decline your offer on the spot with a click of a button. They can download a pdf that they can print out or save. They can come back to look at your proposal at anytime and you will get notifications of every time they took a look at it and for how long. Pretty nifty info in case you feel like calling them and asking, “Hey you got any questions?” 😉
  5. The eSignatures they use are compliant with U.S. and international e-signature laws. Ensuring that if either party has to take legal action against the other, you are both protected.
  6. You can use your OWN domain. Making the proposal process that much more customized, seamless and professional.
  7. There are options to change the fonts and headings. I suppose I wish there were more fonts to choose from. But I do like that they contain customizations to headings, sub headings and content. I don’t know about you, but I don’t need photoshop features to make proposals. It only entices me to waste more time.  Color changing is versatile with a full color picker included. Great for matching colors in your business.
  8. Last but not least among my favorite features is the ability to connect it to 3rd party apps like Zapier, Freshbooks, Basecamp and more.

Bidsketch proposal software review by a freelance web designer - screen shot 2018 01 07 at 8. 03. 02 pm

Since using BidSketch proposal software, I’ve shown a few of my friends who are in the Internet Marketing business that I know aren’t currently using software like this. The ones i’ve asked all mention they’ve used Microsoft word and emails. I’ve also sent out a couple bids and enjoyed the fact that I could see how often they go back to read it.

Now if only Bidsketch could make a self hosted solution? What say you Bidsketch?

Try BidSketch out for yourself and let me know what you think!

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