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As a freelance web designer, I normally like to do most tasks myself. Invoicing and client management being one of them. A few years back when I started my freelance business, I researched a TON of different solutions that would allow me to keep track of my client’s payments as well as manage all the contact details like phone numbers and emails. There was one thing that I absolutely hated about most of them. Almost every invoicing software I found had a “monthly fee”. I’m thinking to myself, “really? I’ve got to pay to keep track of my money now?” wooooow. No thanks. This makes no sense to me. If I buy software too keep track of my finances, I should be able to use it, even when I’m broke.

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So I did what I thought was the most logical thing to do and forked out the 180 bucks for quick books software because that is what everyone uses, right? Mistake! Well, I installed it, started messing around with it and it was the most complicated software I had ever tried to navigate. There were simple tasks that took forever to do and seemed so complicated to setup. I literally needed to take a class to learn this software. oh yeah, there are classes out there too.

Another problem, I needed the information saved outside of my computer. Online. That way, if my computer ever broke down, I would never lose all that information. That can be very scary. The answer was, FusionInvoice. It had everything I was looking for. I have been with FusionInvoice since it was called My Client Base. It has evolved over a few years and get’s cooler every time. Here are a few things I love about FusionInvoice

One Time (small) Fee. It’s mine forever
No monthly payments. Ever.

Super easy to use
I don’t need directions to figure out how to make an invoice or add a client

Simple design
Nothing super complicated. Layout is simple and colors are coordinated to help you find and see what you want at a glance.

Self Hosted
That means I can keep track of all my clients, invoices and more online, and not worry about losing it. I can access it anytime, almost anywhere.

I can use my phone or tablet to check a clients payments or whatever I need to see at that spur of the moment.

Invoice Tracking
FusionInvoice allows me to easily see when a balance is overdue, remaining balance a client owes, The dates they made a payment and with with payment method.

If there are certain fields that I would like added to client information, I can easily add those fields myself and they will be generated on all client dashboards. For payments, I can add different kinds of payment methods myself. I recently had someone pay with a money order, something I hadn’t seen in years. I was able to add that with no problem.

I can create quotes and send those quotes to the recipient. They can then choose to accept or decline my quote with the click of a button. From there, I can turn a quote into an invoice once the time is right. Keeping quotes separate from invoices is a pretty awesome management feature for freelancers.

Client Management
Keep track of all your client names, emails, address, phone numbers, web addresses and more.

Invoices & Reoccurring Invoices
Easily send invoices to clients. They are able to print out a PDF for their records.

Instant Payments
Clients can pay their invoices instantly if you choose to connect paypal or stripe to your software. Once you have paypal setup, a button will display next to invoices and the client will be redirected to pay at a secure paypal page. FusionInvoice also can handle many different currencies and even has a built in currency converter which scans the most current conversion rate for you and displays that.

Customizable PDF invoices
Don’t like the simple design of the default invoice? Not a problem, FusionInvoice has options to customize your own invoice templates.

Run reports on a selected date to view different data about your payments, clients, invoices and more.

FusionInvoice has great support and I’ve loved using it and will continue to use it for years to come. It’s the perfect solution for freelancers of all kinds, web designers, developers, writers, and small businesses.

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