Thematic Widget Ready Areas

When I started educating myself on child themes and Wordpress theme design, I fell in love with Thematic. Thematic had lots of great support, easy to manipulate, and so far has worked awesome with every plug-in or widget I implement in my website designs. I could go on and on about Thematic, but I will leave that for another post.

When I started digging deeper into Thematic, I tried searching for just a simple picture of where the thematic widgets were located. Since I had no success in finding it, I have provided screen shots that I personally created and used for those of you who may be searching for just a simple visual explanation.

Now that I have it memorized. I feel like helping other newbs like myself out. It would be totally awesome to leave a comment if you found this post helpful.

Another site you may find useful that displays thematic widget areas and hooks is Visualizing Thematic 4 You.

Thematic widget ready areas

Thematic widget ready areas, blog

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