The Best Bug Tracking Software for Project Management (2021)

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If you run a business, are a project manager, or are in charge of any sort of team, you probably know that keeping track of everything they’re working on can be a challenge. And finding software that can help you track this kind of progress can be even more difficult! With so many different project tracking options on the market, it can be hard to know which one is right for you and your needs.

If you are in the market for such a product, you should start by checking out Backlog. Below, we’ll go over the awesome benefits and features of Backlog’s Bug Tracking software, and how it could be just the thing you and your team need to push your projects to the next level.

Feature’s of Backlog’s Bug Tracking Software

One of the most proprietary features of this software is its bug tracking ability. Bugs can be an incredibly frustrating part of your team working on and releasing new code. However, utilizing this product’s bug tracking tool, you will be able to quickly identify these bugs and show your team exactly where they need to go to fix them.

Backlog utilizes a full-cycle management program, which is unlike anything that regular bug tracking tools use. This program will help you and your team manage the end-to-end development of your products, rather than just capturing and tracking bugs after the fact.

This bug tracking software has also been tested by numerous development teams, not just in the United States but around the world! In fact, from the time of its inception, Backlog has had a team of individuals working internationally to make sure that its unique program is putting its best foot forward. And, since 2004, it’s been doing just that.


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Here’s how Backlog bug tracking works

First, Backlog begins by capturing bugs in the code. Each time it does this, it properly documents where the bug is, what the bug does, when the bug was created, etc. Most importantly, it tells you why a bug is causing an error, which can give you a big head start in figuring out how to fix it.

Next, Backlog prioritizes the bugs based on their urgency toward the overall function of the program you’re creating. What’s intuitive about this feature is its ability to be customized. You can set priorities for the bugs discovered by the program, which will let your team know when and where to work!

Backlog also keeps track of bugs that have and haven’t been fixed and lists any data about bug additions, status changes, and code updates. And, what’s more, targeted notifications can be set up to make sure the right team members are focusing on the right issues.

Finally, this bug finding software realizes fixing a bug shouldn’t require you to leave the back tracking tool. Therefore, it allows you to create new git branches that directly link where the issue will reflect each update.

It’s Better Than its Competitors. Here is How They Match Up!

If you look at the facts, Backlog outperforms its competitors.

Backlog VS...

What Backlog Has That Asana Doesn't

• A simple ticketing system
• Git & SVN repositories
• Auto-generated Gantt charts
• Bulk exporting and downloading
• Task priority levels

What Backlog Has That Jira Doesn't

• Simple to use
• Cheaper prices
• 10 users free
• Git & SVN repositories
• Custom workflows
• Gantt charts

What Backlog Has That Smartsheet Doesn't

• Free for 10 users
• Burndown charts
• Bug reporting
• Wiki
• Git & SVN repositories

What Backlog Has That Todoist Doesn't

• Gantt charts
• Burndown charts
• Wiki
• Git & SVN repositories
• 10 users free

What Backlog Has That Wrike Doesn't

• Free for ten users
• Burndown charts
• Bug reporting
• Wiki
• Git & SVN repositories

What Backlog Has That Basecamp Doesn't

• A free 10 users
• Bug reporting
• Git & SVN repositories
• Burndown charts
• Wiki

What Backlog Has That LiquidPlanner Doesn't

• Free 10 users
• Simple user interface
• Bug reporting
• Git & SVN repositories
• Wiki

What Backlog Has That The Microsoft Project Doesn't

• iOS and Android apps
• Bug reporting
• Free for ten users
• Wiki
• Git & SVN repositories

What Backlog Has That Trello Doesn't

• Gantt charts
• Burndown charts
• Wiki
• Git & SVN repositories
• 10 users free

Project & Task Management Software

Bug tracking is not the only thing this amazing Backlog design is good for. Project managing is turned into a breeze with this succinct and detailed software.

You can use Backlog to keep your projects organized in one place. Create tasks, make changes, give feedback, and have conversations all right next to your code. You’ll also be able to see the big picture with Kanban-style boards and Gannt charts.

Use the scheduling system to track progress and see which tasks are falling behind, and stay updated on that progress using the free iOS or Android apps. These will automatically sync with your online workspace to give you real time updates.

One of Backlog’s priorities is keeping you and your team organized and updated. Their program will notify you when you’re mentioned on a comment or request, or when a new issue has been assigned to you. It also allows you to breakdown large tasks into manageable subtasks that different team members can work on.

It’s also easy to see who is accountable for each task within your team. You can do this using the software’s filtering ability, as well as set issue status with certain lines of code.

The Gantt Chart

Besides the above two features, Backlog also features a new an innovative way to schedule: the Gant Chart.

Managing projects and deadlines can be a pain. But with the Gantt chart view offered by Backlog, you will be able to easily see every project on the same screen. The Gantt chart makes your calendar better by laying it out horizontally and adding colorful bars that extend across the start and end of active projects.

The color customization and visualization options allow you to keep track of your schedule with a single glance. No more rooting through different files and project types in order to figure out when something is due, or what work needs to be done on it.

This Gantt chart feature will also help enhance teamwork. Everyone will be able to quickly access upcoming deadlines, issues prioritized by urgency, and spot tasks that may require collaboration. And with Backlog, you don’t have to be a manager to understand and update the Gannt chart.

It additionally features teammate tracking, which will allow teammates to see who’s free, or who might need some help. And, it provides an easy way to create shortcuts to tasks, as well as update tasks in bulk to change due dates or statuses.

It’s important to note that the Gantt chart feature only comes with the Standard and higher software packages. That said, it’s well worth it to go up slightly in price in order to utilize this awesome feature, especially if you’re a larger company with quite a few team members.

Other Reasons To Check Out Backlog

While those are the main features of the Backlog Bug Tracking software, there are a ton of other reasons you should check it out.

It’s a Great Way to Help with Remote Working

Backlog is incredibly collaborative, meaning team members don’t have to be in the same place to be working on the same projects.

The number of people who need to work remotely has grown significantly in the past decade, and has been especially high over the course of the recent pandemic. But Backlog can make working virtually a non-issue.

The software’s project management tool helps bridge the gap between those who working on the same project, but might be living on different sides of the world. What’s so great about it is diversity. Available as an application on your desktop, mobile device, or cloud-based, you can literally work no matter where you are.

As a team member, you’ll be able to look at the schedules of your other teammates, and leave comments for anyone, at any time within the tasks and subtasks. Utilize this to ask questions or request direct updates!

The program even features a star-rating system. You’ll be able to give teammates a star or leave a comment when they change the status of a project.

Some Versions of the Software Come With Additional Features

There are different levels of the Backlog Bug Searching Software, which will be described below. It’s important to note that, at higher levels, there are some really awesome features.

The Gantt chart system mentioned above is available with the Standard version of the software. There is also the Custom Fields feature, which becomes available at the Premium version of the software.

Custom fields allows you to create custom categories to fit your team’s particular workflow. These categories can be named and tailored to you and your team, and will help keep track of data and information that is important to you.

It Can be Tried for Free

Your first project can be tried for FREE! There is a completely free version of the software that includes up to 10 users, 100 MB of storage, and one project. It’s a good way to get a feel for the software and see if it’s right for you and your team.

You can also have a free one-month trial of any of the following versions:

Starter, which can be used for up to 30 users and 5 projects, and offers 1 GB of storage. After the trial, it is $35/month.

Standard, which is the most popular version. It offers an unlimited amount of users, up to 100 projects, 30 GB of storage, and the Gantt chart feature. After the trial, this program is $100/month.

Premium, which is $175/month after the trial is up. This option consists of unlimited users and unlimited projects, as well as 100 GB of storage, the Gantt chart feature, and the custom fields feature.

Finally, there is also the Enterprise option, which features a private server and an unlimited number of projects and storage. More can be learned about it on backlog’s website at You might be interested in it if you own a very large business, or are the head of a sizeable development firm.

It’s Appropriate for a Variety of Clients

Backlog is a great program for almost anyone.

Whether you’re a freelancer, you run a small or large business, or you’re a development firm, you will get a lot out of your purchase of Backlog. And, you can scale your use to exactly what your team needs.

Clearly, Backlog has some seriously proprietary features in their software, not limited to the free version for ten users or less, the Gantt and burndown charts, and the superior bug reporting ability.

What’s more, most of these products are of similar price to Backlog, if not more expensive. Why pay the same, or even a little less, for a product that doesn’t function half as well as a software like Backlog.

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Project and code management, together at last. Doesn’t it feel like they should’ve been together all this time? That’s what Backlog thinks, and we’re sure you’ll agree after your first taste of our product.

There is no one who does code and project management like Backlog. The software outperforms all of its competitors in multiple categories, and it can be yours to try for free! Whether you’re a freelancer or the head of a huge development firm, this product will be of great use to you.

It does everything! And it’s trusted by over 10,000 companies across the globe. To get started, visit the backlog’s website at and try it for free. Seriously free- no credit card required.

You won’t regret it.

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