NO ONE! Can guarantee you a #1 spot on Google!

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#1 Guarantee Spot on Google is a Myth!

There are many scams by web programmers claiming that they can get you a #1 spot on Google via organic listings. And this may well be true in some aspects. They are performing what is called Black Hat SEO. They create programs that can fool the search engines for a short while, possibly making your site #1. But eventually they will get caught by Google and YOUR SITE will become removed from the Google search engine. This is not an illegal act and the only person it hurts is you. You lose the money you paid them, you lose the revenue you would be gaining from the website, and eventually you lose your site being visible on Google, the number one website in the world.

No one knows exactly what Google search bots look for. But we can get a pretty good idea just by following their guidelines and policies. Google does not act kindly to anyone that attempts to fool their search engines thus they have the power to eliminate your site from their search engine all together if they feel you have been trying to trick them. If you’re interested at all in being seen, then this is something you do not want to happen.

I perform White Hat SEO. This is SEO performed using ethical standards and the search engines guidelines and policies. No deceit involved. It takes hard lengthy work and continuous testing to achieve results. A daily following of Google and SEO blogs and magazines, purchasing the latest books and staying on top of the constant advance in computer and internet technology help me to create highly visible sites.

You can however PURCHASE ADVERTISING on Google

With Search Engine Marketing, you can purchase ad spots on Google’s search engine results pages with Google Adwords. This is called Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising.

Hire the right PPC manager who knows how to develop keywords and attract visitors and there’s a great chance YOU WILL be on the first page of Google! I’ve done it myself many times. It works!

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