I Want To Draw A Cat For You – My Exceptional Drawing Created by Steve Gadlin

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About a year or so ago, I stumbled upon this incredible video on youtube:

I fell in love with the song because it was so catchy and I could never get it out of my mind. So I started sharing the video with friends and family and had a good old time with it.

Drawing customers simple cat images with a sharpie pen for $9.95?! How on earth could you sell that to anyone? Well, Steve did with the kind of marketing techniques that I tip my hat to. It’s the type of marketing that most people would never dare to try, but he pulled it off splendidly.

Later on down the road, I was watching my favorite show Shark Tank and I got super excited because I saw “the cat guy!” I almost forgot about him, and there he was  pushinng the limits and doing something as crazy as being on national television to sell himself and his services. It’s the same kind crazy thing I would do.

Never underestimate the power of unconventianl, unique advertising. Don’t listen to the losers that put you down and tell you you can’t pull something off. The point of marketing, is to get your name out, regardless if a few people snicker or put you down for your efforts. The point is that you make the effort. Good Marketers will stay mainstream and use what works. Great marketers always try something new to stand out and with that great marketing there will be practice thru trials and errors.

One of my favorite examples is the Rebecca Black Friday Video that was rannked the most disliked video on youtube. What most people let slip their minds, is that this video has also been viewed by almost 36 Million people and counting. It was considered so bad, it was featured on one of my other favorite shows, Good Morning America! And later down the road, Rebecca Black had the opportunity to remake a new Friday song with infamous Katy Perry. I can almost guarantee you the music producer of Friday video got mass calls because of the publicity.

I now present to you my very own cat drawing by Steve Gadlin of I want to draw a cat for you.

I want to draw a cat for you ravenous raven

Ravenous raven design’s custom cat drawing

Now all I need to do is buy the matching t-shirt to strut around in. woohoo!

I often have thought about creating my own catchy commercial for my own freelance web design business.

Thanks Steve 🙂

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