13 Google Resources to Charge Up your Business

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Google Catalogs

Gain more exposure of your brand or business by offering a digital version of your paper catalog that will be included in the Google Catalog Directory. Customers can subscribe to your catalog using their tablets so they are able to view it wherever they go.

Visit Google Catalogs for Business


Google 360 Virtual Tour

Offer an awesome interactive experience for your customers by utilizing the same tools google street view technology offers, inside your building! Perhaps you have a wedding venue or a fancy restaurant? Show it off by allowing the client to walk thru  your doors 24 hours a day from anywhere in the world. The best part is that when your searched for in google, your 360 interactive map will show up in the search engines! Pretty sweet huh? And great for SEO!

Visit Google 360 Virtual Tours


Google Hangouts

Use google hangouts to engage with your customers. Give a free belly dancing lessons live via video chat. Or perhaps you can give a free baking lesson if your a baker. People would rather interact with you via a live feed rather than watch a youtube video. Conduct meetings with clients, offer consultaions and more.

Visit Google Hangouts



Use youtube to upload your commercials, tutorials, reviews, showcases, testimonials and more. Using video on your website and youtube will help increase your SEO and bring in new customers.

Visit Youtube


Google Brands

Perhaps you don’t have a local brick and mortar store and you still want to provide good exposure on Google for your online business? Well, that would be Google Brands. Create a Google + page and socialize with your customers.

Visit Google Brands


Google + for Business

Google + for Business allows you to create not only just a map listing, but a social page to interact with your customers. You will show up across google and give your customers the correct information on your business like hours, phone nubmers, address, website etc..

Visit Google + for Business


Google Places for Business

Now if you don’t want to get into the whole social aspect of Google, but you still want to make sure to gain google map exposure and that the information about your business is displayed correctly in the search engine, you can simply sign up your business at Google Places.

Visit Google Places for Business


Google Consumer Surveys

Would you really like to improve your customers online experience on your website? Learn how to give your customers what they want by creating consumer surveys.

Visit Google consumer surveys


Google Apps

Google has tons of awesome and mostly free apps for businesses to utilize including email, cloud storage, documents (like microsoft word), form creators, spreadsheets and more! I actually utilize all those for my personal business 🙂

Visit Google Apps


Google Offers

Google Offers lets you create coupons and discounts that you can offer your customers. It’s a great marketing tool and will show up on your Google + Page!

Visit Google Offers


Google Adwords and Adwords Express

Wants your website to show up on the google search engine instantly? Adwords express is a very simple advertising campaign that you can setup in minutes to advertise locally. Adwords is more of a global advertising that lets you create super customized ad’s depending on your needs.

Visit Adwords or Adwords Express


Google Analytics

Would you like to know super detailed information about your website visitors? Know how many girls vs guys, what ages they are, where in the world they are coming from and what keywords they used to find you. You can find out that and soooo much more helpful information about your visitors with Google Analytics. This is awesome for targeting certain customers or just keeping an eye on how well your SEO is doing.

Visit Google Analytics


Google Wallet

Google Wallet is pretty much that, like a supercharged virtual wallet. With google wallet a person can store their credit card information, coupons and favorite stores. Are you a business with Google Offers? Connect your google offers, to google wallet. With Google wallet your online shoppers can checkout in as easy as 2 clicks!

Visit Google Wallet and Wallet for Business


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