How to Sell Yourself as a Designer

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For the past few hours, for the benefit of myself and my clients, I have been scanning blogs on “How to Market Yourself”. I found a few good stories, and a lot of boring ones. In the end, I could not find what I was looking for. Something was missing. So I’m bout to show you designers and bloggers how this is done.

How to Market Yourself as a Designer, On the Real

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Most of us designers would just like clients to come begging for our services. Breaking down the door and throwing money in our faces. Guess what designers? It can happen.

How Heather? That’s just crazy. You don’t know what you’re talking about. “Oh really genius? Well, I think I do.”

Let me tell you a little story about myself, a little story about Heather Valencia, Web Designer.

Let’s go back for a moment…
I got my first real Job as a kitchen designer when I was 19 years old and worked there for 5 years! I was making bank for a kid who never had the opportunity at a high school education. No diploma. No GED. I was living large and blowing my money away like a foolish gambler. Let me tell you something, I could not have gotten that job without confidence, confidence in myself.

When I interviewed for that job, my resume reflected that I “knew” computers. Although, I never owned a computer my entire life, I had convinced this man that I was good at them. Which was not a lie, I was very good at them, but the most exposure I had with computers was using them for an hour at a time at the local library. I was able to produce a simple website for this company with NO experience in web design. Of course I used yahoo site builder, but we all start somewhere.

I got this job, not because of what my resume reflected, but because I believed in myself. There will always be 10 other people behind you with skills to stomp you in the mud. In the end, the only thing you have to set yourself apart from the pack is your winning personality.

Now, you’re ready to hear
How to market yourself as a designer, on the real

1. You market yourself with self-assurance, integrity, and authority.

2. All contracts aside, when you give someone your word, you give them yourself. Never go back on your word. Sometimes it’s just simpler to keep things old school.

3. Don’t play it safe. Take Risks. You got one life, play the game your way. Trial and Error is your friend.

4. Accept that you can’t do business with everyone. Partner with clients that soar with you, not behind you or ahead of you.

5. Offline marketing WILL ALWAYS take precedence over Online Marketing. Show your face, smile and the world will be at your feet. And if they aren’t, keep on keepin on.

6. Don’t ever sell yourself short. You need to hustle to keep on top of the game.

7. When you want something, get it. Don’t sit around dreaming like a loser. Make things happen. That’s how the big boys get BIG.

8. Walk with your head up! Always.

9. Keep your eyes on the target and stay humble.

10. Shine and keep it fresh.

Client, the lion king

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When you believe in yourself, you lead others to believe in you too. Don’t let anyone down. Do what you got to do to make things happen.

When you get that client, make them feel like a king. Cause in return, you’ll be the king, and paper will start to rain.

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