How To Fix a WordPress 5.0 Broken Website (Gutenberg Block Editor)

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The new WordPress 5.0 Editor (Gutenberg) is here and a lot of websites are going to feel the pain! But sometimes going thru a a little pain can be pleasant in the end, right? 😉

What Should You Do About The Update?

The introduction of a new editor is essentially going to break a lot of older websites and custom themes. Most commercial themes that have a community behind them are probably working hard to keep up with the updates so that your theme remains compatible. Here are the steps I recommend you take to make the process easier on yourself.

  1. Make sure your hosting account has at least 30 days of backups. Download a backup to your computer or email as well.
  2. Call your web developer. This is not one of those times you should try to update it yourself if you are not an expert developer. They should know the proper steps to take for your particular website.
  3. Do not attempt to update your website at all. Please wait a few weeks so we can see if they will start coming out with bug fixes. Install a plugin to disable all updates. Instructions below.
  4. Since everyone has a different theme they use, be it commercial or custom, the process will be different for everyone. And since everyone uses different plugins and different design methods utilized and different server environments, it’s imperative that an expert help you with this process. Try googling “your theme name” + “gutenburg compatible” or “wordpress 5.0 compatible” and see what you can find.

How to fix a broken website from an update?

In this case, call your web developer. Again, I advise NOT to update at this time so we don’t experience this. A lot of developers will probably be very busy with calls to fix broken sites. So unless you want a wait, please don’t update. But if you must insist on doing it yourself, I’ve attached a few links for instructions on what to do. If you do mess up the website, just restore a backup and wait for your web developer. In most cases, if the developer is going to fix your site, he/she will probably just restore the backup and tell you to wait. Just depends on our particular environment. I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of people will need entirely new frameworks and website themes.

  1. Install the Classic Editor Plugin. This will disable the new Gutenberg editor and allow you to edit with the classic one until you are ready for the big change. Installing this on its own might fix what appears to be a broken website. If not, proceed to the next step.
  2. If your website is broken: Restore a backup from your host. Most clients should be able to achieve this thru talking with tech support with their hosting company. If successful, go to number 4.
  3. If your website is broken: Alternatively, you can install the WP Rollback plugin and try to manually rollback your version of WordPress and/or theme to before the 5.0 updates. If this fails, restore a backup or call your developer to assist.
  4. Install the Easy Updates Manager Plugin to Stop all auto updates. Disable the WordPress core and theme updates.
  5. If using Divi theme, Follow directions below to use the classic divi editor as well.

If you still noticed the new editor is live rather than the classic one, check your settings under SETTINGS > WRITING > DEFAULT EDITOR and make sure classic is selected (which will only display if you installed the plugin).

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Here are individual articles from the web on what to do about an update to WordPress 5.0.

  1. Divi and WordPress 5.0 is Compatible. Learn about the new editor here.
  2. Genesis Themes are Gutenburg Ready
  3. BBE (Bootstrap Building Engine)
  4. How to disable Gutenburg and install the Classic Editor
  5. Yoast on How to Deal with WordPress 5.0 Updates (They advise waiting until early next year)
  6. WordPress Classic Editor Plugin
  7. How to Control Your Automatic Updates, Turn Them OFF!
  8. Plugin Manager for Auto Updates


Clients Who Use Divi Theme

Divi is compatible with the new block editor, in fact, they have modified their editor as well. As of today, I advise that if you update, do so carefully.

  1. Make sure you have backups of both your website files and database.
  2. Deactivate plugins, update all plugins. Make sure website works.
  3. Update Divi.
  4. Update WordPress to 5.0.
  5. Go to Divi > Theme Options > Builder > Advanced Tab
  6. Enable the classic editor until more stable versions of Gutenberg are available.
  7. If you experience any problems at all, call your web developer or restore a backup.

How to fix a wordpress 5. 0 broken website (gutenberg block editor) - screen shot 2018 12 10 at 10. 47. 43 am

What does the new divi builder look like?

Find out more here:

Is Your Website Prepared for the New Year?

I still find a lot of clients who forget about their website accounts and information. They aren’t aware of what their websites need or how to take care of them. So here is a list of things you should keep in your back pocket.

  1. Stored Credentials: Do you have all your passwords and login credentials for all your websites/hosting & domains in a secure digital file somewhere? Are you backing up these passwords with services like LastPass or 1Password? Are you using secure passwords?
  2. Up To Date Credit Cards: Are you making certain that your credit cards are up to date and on auto-renewal so that you won’t have to deal with losing a service unexpectedly? Check all your accounts.
  3. Backups: Do you have 30 days of local server backups? Do you have cloud backups as a secondary source?
  4. Security: Do you have a firewall installed on your websites? How about a Security Scanner?
  5. SSL/HTTPS: Do you have SSL Installed? Google will start to mark all websites as “insecure” if you have a website without the (HTTPS) URL. This is a security measure for users of the internet.
  6. Privacy Data Act: Do you have a GDPR Compliant Website?
  7. Credit Card Compliant: If using eCommerce, Do you have a PCI Compliant Website? If you take credit cards and it’s not compliant, you’ll be asked by your processor to make sure it is. SiteGround offers a PCI compliant server and will scan for any other issues that violate compliance.
  8. Maintenance: Do you have a designated developer monitoring your updates and maintenance on the website?  A developer will make sure your website runs fast and is optimized for performance. Sometimes switching to an optimal server environment can make all the difference. My professional recommendation is SiteGround hosting.
  9. Marketing: Are you getting enough visitors? Do you know the analytics behind your competitive edge online? How well do you rank in search engines like Google? Get in touch with a marketer and find out!
  10. Outdated Website: Is your website design out of date? Is it older than 5 years? Have a look at the latest trends being used in your field. It might be time for a new design!
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