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How To Bulk Edit Image Filenames for SEO Improvement

Proper naming conventions for the extension of your images has the ability to improve SEO on your website.

Renaming images (specifically alt tags) tells Google and other search engines what the image actually is (auto-body-paint-job.jpg) versus the generic naming convention that your camera might apply as default (cannon-10-2020-19-78938y985739.jpg).

Uploading your images for your web developer makes for better communication if you are able to properly label all the categories of images with their respective names.

Imagine having a 200+ product eCommerce website with several different categories of images. It can become a nightmare if we don’t apply some sort of organization to them.

It’s a rather easy task to accomplish so let’s get started. You’ll need a MacBook or iMac for this tutorial.

How To Bulk Edit Images for SEO Improvement

  1. Open Finder on iMac or Macbook

    Bulk optimize images seo

    Open finder window and shift select all the images you want for the particular category you’ll be organizing for this batch of images.

  2. Select Images for Bulk Editing

    Rename photos mac

    Right click on the selected images and choose RENAME

  3. Rename Image Files in Bulk

    Rename images for seo

    There are 3 naming conventions provided with the mac when bulk editing photos. Name and index, Name and counter, and Name and date. Choose what’s most applicable to you and click rename! All done.


  • Macbook or iMac
  • WordPress

WordPress Plugins to Bulk Edit Image Alt Tag

RankMath is the best SEO plugin and one of the the great things it does is add ALT and Title tags to your images. However, those words are respective of what you’ve named the photos upon upload. This will apply default image alt content on the front end of the website, but it will NOT change the direct image in the media library.

So if you’ve done your due diligence of applying proper names, go ahead and install RankMath, the newest best WordPress plugin for SEO.

Auto Image Attributes From Filename With Bulk Updater Plugin can update your current database of images to manually insert permanent alt, description, captions and titles . It won’t change the filename as that has to be done upon upload.

Automatically add Image attributes such as Image Title, Image Caption, Description And Alt Text from Image Filename.

The plugin can update image attributes for both new images and existing images in the media library.

How to optimize the size and weight of Images

If you want to know how to resize your images for a faster website, I wrote a full article here which will help you learn how to bulk optimize images for your website.

Author: Heather Valencia

Author: Heather Valencia

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