Why WordPress is the Best CMS Platform for SEO?

Wordpress Has Come a Long Way Since 2003

When Wordpress first came on the scene back in 2003 it was primarily used as a blogging platform. Since that time it has grown to become the predominant content management system online making up approximately 28.8% of all of the websites online. The platform powers the websites behind companies like Wired, Playstation, People Magazine, Samsung, General Electric, TachCrunch and many more.

In this post I’m going to outline what makes Wordpress such a great platform for both website development and search engine optimization.

Wordpress is Open Source:

When it comes to software there are two general types of systems, there are closed systems that are usually propriety in nature, then there are open source platforms, which are made freely available to be redistributed and modified. Wordpress falls in second camp meaning that the framework itself is not locked behind a paywall. Open Source platforms like Wordpress are not only cost prohibitive they also lend to almost unlimited amounts of customization and functionality.

Wordpresss Plugins:

Because of its open nature, there are thousands of plugins that can be applied to your Wordpress site many of which are custom tailored towards website optimization and SEO. One of our favorite plugins is the Wordpress SEO plugin by Yoast. This plugin is the Swiss army knife of Wordpress SEO optimization, its easy to setup and use it takes a lot of the guess work out of optimizing your Wordpress site.

Site Speed:

Using proprietary content management systems or website builders has the very real potential to put your websites ranking and visibility at risk, this is due to the poor codebase and load time performances that usually accompany such platforms. Google has made it very clear over the last few years that load time is an important ranking signal. If you’re on a subpar CMS system or using a website builder where you lack control of your hosting environment you could very well be putting your business in jeopardy.

Permalink Customization

URL structure is an important factor when it comes to SEO. Often older or less SEO complicit CMS systems have URL structures have excessive dynamic parameters that that impede the site. With Wordpress this is not an issues as you can easily update your permalink structure to be SEO friendly.
To do this you simply login to your Wordpress backend, head over to Settings > Permalink then you find a series of URL structures options. In order to to have keyword rich and shorter URLs we recommend option 5 Title Post Name

Title Tags & Headings

Next to Permalink’s, Title Tags, Meta Descriptions and Heading Tags are the next thing that is crucial for placement and rankings online. Out of the box Wordress make updating these very easy with little to know coding knowhow.
If you took our advice earlier on in this post and installed the Wordpress SEO plugin you will find ever more tools available for optimizing and structuring SEO friendly Title Tags and Meta Descriptions.

Getting Started With SEO

Now that you know why Wordpress is such a great platform for SEO the next step is to launch your website then start learning the ins and outs of digital marketing and SEO. There are numerous websites and tutorials out there but to get started we recommend The Complete Guide to SEO by Search Engine Journal and a post titled How to Improve Google Rank in 2017 by Enleaf these two resources together will not only provide a good primer for SEO but also give you some insight into what tactics work best for the current stat of SEO.

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