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Meet Heather

Freelance web designer in Spokane with 10+ Year expert experience. A.A. in Software Development and B.A.S in Business.

Internet web services - heather valencia

Website Repair & Maintenance

Having spent 10+ years working on WordPress websites, i’ve come to be an expert in the repair of WordPress core, plugins and themes. I’m also skilled at most intermediate hacker attacks and am able to fix the problem or direct you on better options for keeping it safe. Slow website? Not problem. Let’s get to the bottom of your slow website and find options to better optimize it for speed. SSL Installations and more.

  • Hourly Website Work
  • Monthly Maintenance Plans
  • Retainers


If you currently don’t have your own hosting or are looking to host your website with a new provider. I do provide hosting options for clients whom are in need of website hosting and domains. I also highly recommend Siteground if you so choose to manage your hosting yourself after your site is complete.

Business Consulting

I am currently in college obtaining my BS in Business & IT Management. Having owned 2 businesses and becoming formally educated in the field, I have the credentials to help most small businesses create their business plans or enhance your online business and tools.

Graphics & Design

I have a great eye for design, whether it be minimal design, or something more off the beaten path. Most small businesses are going to need design packages including logos, letterheads, brochures, flyers and product designs. My contractors and I will help you mockup an identity that matches your website for your new business.

Heather Valencia