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Spokane Photography by Heather

Although I may only own one lens for my camera at the moment, it most definitely doesn’t effect my skill to catch and enhance the most beautiful parts of my subjects.

Because of my lack of lighting, I shoot pictures best outdoors. My lack of equipment and experience is your gain. I charge a reasonable amount for my time, and you own all the rights to every single one of your pictures. You will receive a fully editable DVD or CD Rom full of your pictures to do with what you please. Most all your pictures should be able to blow up to poster size.

Photo of a stray dog from puerto rico

Stray dog in puerto rico

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What you Get

  • DVD or CD with all your pictures free of any license
  • 2 hours at agreed location
  • 1 Graphic Montage

Photography Prices

$50.00 for the above listed. Each additional hour will be billed at $20.00 per hour. If needing to travel to a distant location, there may be a small travel charge depending on the area. The cost of advanced manipulation of photos are subject to your requirements.

Types of Photography

  • Senior Portraits
  • Wedding Photography
  • Model Portfolio
  • Kids and Pets Portraits
  • Engagements
  • Landscape and Still Life
  • Real Estate

Disclaimer: Heather Valencia is a Hobby Photographer. Wedding photography and any special events can only be done once, so if you have to funds to hire a professional, I advise you do so. For professional Spokane photography, please contact this awesome husband and wife team who have been photographers in Spokane for over 35 years!


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Myron & Rita Bursell

Green Gables Photography

Green Gables Photography has been in the photography profession for over 35 years. I entrust my clients in the hands of this awesome husband and wife team who have been servicing Spokane with wedding photography, senior portraits, and fantastic commercial and business photography.

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