What is SEO? 

Why does your website need search engine optimization?

Do you want users to find your products and services in Google? Have you noticed a drop in visitors and leads? Optimizing your website for search engines is one way we can help bring digital customers to your brand. 

Conversion Focused

SEO Focused on Conversion Re-Design

Performance Focused

Web pages modified for optimal performance, in favor of Google.

Audience Focused

SEO Stratagies focusing on your target audiences and competition. 


Improve Website Visibility & Traffic


Ala-Cart SEO Services

Local Business SEO

This SEO is focused on creating and optimizing your presence in the online directors such as google business, bing businsess and the 100+ other online directories out there.

If you are a local business and need to compete for kewords in search engines, you’ll want to invest in this service to help bring visilbity to your services.

Up to 100 Directory Listing Submission (Paid Yearly)


Starting at $200/mo per address

Backlink Audits

Backlinks are great, but did you know there are bad backlinks? Backlinks that can make our websites look bad and send warnings to Google that we may be dealing in malicious practices. It’s out of our hands sometimes. I can clean up your toxic backlinks with google after running an audit. on them.


Starting at $500/per cleanup. 

Website Speed Optimization

Looking to speed up your wordpress website?


Starting at $1,500/per website. 

On Site SEO (on page seo)

This is SEO that is focused on optimizing your website code and elements to be more SEO friendly.

Part of this is doing a conversion design analysis to understand the current enviornment and why it might not be attracting people to contact you even though they have visited the website.

Installing analytics, modifying the structure of your site and implementing meta changes. 


Starting at $800/per page.

SEO Article Writing

This is the engine of on site (on page) SEO. Writing articles is the backbone of getting found in the search engines.

It not only keeps your website active, but it also adds keywords and pages to the site. Bulking it up to become a reputable source of information online. Ever do a search on google? Those results are a product of webistes that write articles. It’s the simple.


Starting at $300/per article. 

understand the

Process of SEO

Did you know when you develop a brand new website that it can take over a year for Google to start building trust with you? That’s right. That means, they want you to make an effort in building your presence and audience so you can prove to them you aren’t one of the many fly by night scam artists buildng sites on the internet.

To help you understand, I’ve created an anology of gardening to show you where SEO fits in the lifetime of your website.

1. Sow Your Seed

Website Development & Design

Just like with seeds, we need to lay a foundation for your business online. Thats the development, design and architecture of your website.

This is the most imporant part of an SEO friendly website because we want to make sure our websites have been developed from the ground up with SEO in mind for the future growth of your business.

Your website should be attractive, conversion friendly, and ready to enage the people we bring in from SEO strategies.

2. Maintain The Garden

Website Maintenance & Management

After your website builder has launched your online business, you’ll need to invest in managment and maintenance of your website.

This service keeps your website up to date at all times and free of malicious code so that you won’t get flagged for having malcious or unsafe content.

Having someone regularly maintaine your website ensures that you have someone to fix it in the event of corruption. 

3. Reap What You Sow

Search Engine Optimization

Once your site is built and being maintained, you’ll want to invest in marketing and SEO.

When we make a website it does not get visitors right away. An SEO contract can help give us a boost in visibility in the search engines. 

This will help you rank faster in a situation where its already a drawn out process of getting our sites found online amongst our competition. 

Website Redesign for Increased Visitor Conversion

The purpose of SEO is to attract visitors to your website. Now imagine we do all that work just for them to see a website thats out of date, not mobile friendly and just plain….ugly? Studies show, a high percentage of them will leave.

Get the most from your SEO by making certain that your website is making the best impression possible for all those visitors. Conversion friendly web design is imperitive to guiding our visitors to do what we want them to.

You wouldn’t go on a date wearing your pajamas and unkept hair.

Search engine optimization - angler fish

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My priorities are to make sure my clients are heard and provide them with prompt and friendly service. I am a trusted and honest web developer.

Heather said at the beginning that I couldn’t have chose a better web designer and she was right! Her passion is website design. She takes you through all the steps and gives you the highest quality service. And you get the best website you could ever dream of. – Bennett Ross, Cosmic Surge


Cosmic Surge

The site is being SO well received. We’ve doubled in sales, and mostly there are months where we’re experiencing RECORD sales….thanks to you!


Freshbite Spokane

We had Heather create a website for our indoor trampoline park. Her creativity and service was top notch. She took extra time to explain things and never seemed put off by questions we asked. We highly recommend Heather.

LZ Trampoline

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