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What kind of products and gifts?

This is real stuff you would buy anyway. High quality items available for you.

  • Face Masks
  • Coffee Makers
  • Air Fryers
  • Pots and Pans
  • Women’s Clothes
  • Children’s Toys
  • Music Equipment
  • Home and Garden Supplies
  • Baby Toys and Accessories
  • Intimate Products
  • Car accessories
  • Lighting & Electronics
  • Halloween Costumes
  • Christmas Decorations
  • School Supplies
  • Cooking Utensils
  • Childrens Clothes
  • Toys and Supplies for Cats and Dogs
  • Sunglasses and So much more!!
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Don’t give this secret away.

Keep it to yourself because there is a limited number of products that can be given away for free, every day. If everyone knows about this, there will be fewer and fewer products available.

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What’s inside the book?


Learn why these gifts are free


Learn How To Communite with the Sellers


CSV, Organization Sheet For Your Gifts


Learn where to find free gifts


You'll see Most Gifts Come Fast!


Learn what tools you'll need to get what you want


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Why would anyone give away free products?

In the marketing industry, there are tactics we utilize in an effort to rank our clients higher in search engines and ecommerce stores. Some of those tactics are giving away free products in exchange for reviews. Sometimes these companies even pay you ON TOP of giving you a free product.

This book is 2 pages!

I’m not gonna sell you a BIG BOOK. You don’t have time to read a book. You want a reference sheet with clickable links that will take you right where you want to go to start getting your free stuff NOW.

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I liked the book and all the links you added to the table. Very straightforward.

Wendy P.

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Who Am I?

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I’m Heather. I’m currently a single divorced mom of 2 girls. I wasn’t always married. There was a time when I was a pregnant teenager living on the cold streets and sleeping in homeless shelters with a baby. Being homeless for many years made me vigilant in saving my money, raising my intellect and staying focused on daily education. I VOWED NEVER TO BE HOMELESS AGAIN. IT’S HORRIBLE.

So, I took advantage of an opportunity and I got my GED in my early 20’s and I went to school to learn how to develop software. Guess what? I graduated with president’s honors and I barely knew how to use computers.

But what I was really good at was working with people and helping them grow their business from a base of zero to thousands of customers. People pay me a lot of money to help them grow online. I’m great at marketing and It’s still my full time job.

My full time job is to give stuff away for free.

Wanna know more?

Heather Valencia
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Why Am I Giving Away My Secrets?

First and foremost, not gonna lie. I want to pay off my house. The fee that you will pay for my reference sheet will be used to go toward paying down my house until I own it out right. It’s the biggest goal I have in life. Because I’ve experienced homelessness, I want to own my own home and not have a mortgage. I live a frugal life and have a small modest home.

View my secrets - pay off mortgage

I’m not some guy on the internet showing off all my fancy cars and telling you to buy a BIG BOOK that you’ll never read and odds are, you will still never become a millionaire.

I’m just trying to tell you where to get free stuff. With a total of 2 sheets of paper. The same stuff I’ve been getting free, for years.
Secondly, I know times are rough during Covid19. I’ve seen and heard some terrible things happen in the worker industry and small business industry. We’ve all seen and heard it.

I just want to bring a little happiness to the world in my own small way, by sharing my in-house secrets with you.
So that maybe you can save a little money this Christmas and still bring some joy to your family and friends.

$4.99 for a limited time only
*By purchasing you agree to the Terms & Conditions
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$4.99 is a small price to pay for the 10 years of knowledge I’ve accumulated.

View My Secrets!

This is not a scam or pyramid scheme. This is simple insider information from a professional marketer. These are just real products we NEED to give to you for free.

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Stock up this season

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I'm glad I downloaded the book. It was straight to the point. Gave me some insight. And I ordered my first item today. A bug zapper! Thank you for sharing.

Kim M.

10% discount on books.

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