eCommerce Web Design

E-Commerce Web Design

Are you interested in owning your own online store?

Now owning your own online store has become very affordable. With this easy to use custom website you can manage your own products and inventory, keep track of sales from month to month, offer sale items, create coupons and more!

Join thousands of other business’s that have taken their products online and have increased their revenue by expanding their business to customers on the internet.

What You Need To Know Before Starting an E-commerce Website

Payment Methods
You will want to figure out what payment methods you will want to accept on your website. Paypal takes most forms of payment. But you also have other choices with different payment providers available too. This video can help you understand the difference of a couple of payment options that Paypal provides. Feel free to call or email me for more detailed information. It’s best to discuss this information with your web designer before making any descisions before hand.

You will want to inquire with an accountant on the matter of taxes. Web designers are not accountants and cannot advise you on the matter of your finances.

800 Numbers
You might want to offer your customers a way to contact you. This encourages purchases by making a customer feel they have options to contact you other than just email if they happen to have a problem with a product. Most clients don’t feel cofortable using thier own number. Inquire with your local phone company or check out this popular company that offers 1-800 Numbers for you.

Shipping Methods
If you have physical products, as opposed to digital downloadable products, you will need to research how you plan to ship all your items to your customers. This is vital for a web designer to know so I can integrate the proper shipping calculators in your ecommerce web design. Here are a few providers that are available

You will want to provide specific information about products and policies. Consider the information you are going to have on some of these pages.

  • Refund policy
  • Terms and Conditions
  • Privacy policy (i can help you with this one)
  • Shipping & Delivery Policy / FAQ ( Will you be selling to U.S. only or Internationally? )

I hope I provided you with enough information to be able to move forward with an ecommerce website. If you have less tahn 10 products, you don’t necessarily have to have an ecommerce website. You can add Paypal options to a standard website package if you prefer. No need for the added cost of ecommerce. Please inquire with me if you have any questions.

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