Custom WordPress Database Programmer

With my expertise in custom database development I can provide stand alone software to function right inside of your wordpress website and also incorporate a design that has a similar look to your current website branding.

Starting at only $1495


Database Development

Custom programmed database backend allowing you and your staff to easily enter your content.

Database Design

Custom data designed and displayed beautifully on the front end of your wordpress website with filtering functionalities for your visitors.

Data Insertion

Worry that you have 600+ Items to add into your inventory? No problem! With a custom developed database, I can insert tabled based content for you.

What Kind Of Database Do You Need?

Here are just a few examples of common databases used in businesses of all kinds.

  • Home and Land Availability for Real Estate Sales
  • Automotive Sales Inventory
  • eCommere Store or Wholesale Products (Private or Public)
  • Advertising Directories
Custom database design & development - custom wholesale database

Free Estimates

Let me help you design a custom storage application for your business’s specific needs, and avoid the high cost of using generic database programs that you might find elsewhere.

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