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Throughout the years, I’ve penned countless articles on web design, web hosting, WordPress, website security, and beyond. They’re aimed at fellow web developers and some clients as well. A few were crafted purely as reminders to myself on what not to forget – haha!

Speed up wordpress website without plugins

Speed Up WordPress Website Without Plugins

Let's speed up and optimize your wordpress website right now.  Remember, before making changes we should always backup the website. What are core web vitals? Core web vitals is a quality assurance measurement developed by Google for delivering great user...

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Rocket. Net wordpress hosting review WordPress Hosting Review

When it comes to website building, the most conveniently used platform in this regard is WordPress. WordPress is known as a constant management system (CMS) that enables a person to build websites as well as host them. A constant management system is known as computer...

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5 best stock photo sites for designers in 2022

5 Best Stock Photo Sites for Designers in 2022

Do you always run out of ideas when searching for the perfect image for your blog or website? Well, don’t worry because you are not alone! After incorporating many of their favorite pictures into their content, many professionals face this dilemma: Where to find the...

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How to properly create a google business account

How To Properly Create A Google Business Account

Beyond Gmail – Putting a Google Account to Work for Your Business Intro: What Is a Google Account? One Google Account For All Your Business Needs If you’re active online, chances are you already have a personal Google account and use it every day. You might leverage...

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