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Next to being a famous writer, I already live my dream job. I wake up and do what I love for a living, everyday. Because of this, I have had the benefit of teaching other up and coming web developers how to run a web design business. I pay it forward by providing free useful articles and videos to the web. I’m fortunate to work amongst the leaders of the web community

How To Create Your Google Accounts

When you are trying to create a social network, your Google account is going to be the most important one you will create. ONE Google account will give you access to Google Analytics, YouTube, G+, Gmail, Drive, and more. In the past I have witnessed clients whom have...

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Completely Remove Programs from a Mac

I often download apps from the app store or 3rd party developers to try them out and see how I like it. Often times, I find I no longer have use for the app or just don't like it in general. I don't like the thought of a program I'm not using on my computer, still...

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Create a Custom Message for Outbound Links in WordPress

Recently I had to create a custom message that would warn users before they left the current website they were on. The user also had to have the option to cancel if they did not want to move forward with going to the outbound link. This is an awesome alternative if...

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How To Become a Freelance Web Designer

Over the 5 years I've been a freelance web designer, I've had many people contact me wondering how I got started and asking me several questions as to the life of freelancing. So I decided to create this post that will benefit many people if they are indecisive about...

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Is web “DESIGN” important to visitors?

On occasion I get a prospective client or two who sincerely ask me, "Does it really matter what the website looks like?". Every time I hear something like this, I have a little heart attack and shake my head. Have you ever seen an episode of the popular ABC show Shark...

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Spokane’s Top Rated Web Designer, It’s ME!

It can be very difficult to achieve any kind of rating as a web designer. And don't let a rating fool you either. I mean, I'm very happy to be labeled a Top web designer by Thumbtack, such a large corporation, but in reality, it's just an automated process. I just...

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Why I Won’t Use Managed WordPress Hosting

Well, if you want to get technical, I technically do use managed Wordpress hosting. But what I'm trying to really say is why I don't use most of the common managed Wordpress hosting solutions out there. This is a real review of hosting solutions, by a real web...

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FusionInvoice – Client Invoicing & Management

As a freelance web designer, I normally like to do most tasks myself. Invoicing and client management being one of them. A few years back when I started my freelance business, I researched a TON of different solutions that would allow me to keep track of my client's...

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Why You Should Never Make a Free Website

Many prospective clients call me asking lots of questions. One question that comes up often is "what is the difference from building a free (or cheap) website and hiring a professional designer to build a website?" Here is what I tell them. Problem 1: You never own...

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Should My Business Start a Facebook Page?

Short Answer....No, probably not. When I first started learning about SEO, it was all about the link backs, driving customers thru social media and blogging. So if you would have met me three years ago, I would have told you "YES YES YES! MAKE A FACEBOOK PAGE!". But a...

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How To Center The Menu In Genesis Executive Pro Theme

If you need to center the menu in your Executive pro theme, a genesis theme. Then this simple code will do the trick. Just add it somewhere near the menu css codes or at the bottom. This may work with other genesis themes as well. Still works great when using as a...

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13 Google Resources to Charge Up your Business

Google Catalogs Gain more exposure of your brand or business by offering a digital version of your paper catalog that will be included in the Google Catalog Directory. Customers can subscribe to your catalog using their tablets so they are able to view it wherever...

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